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ALL SOLD - pedals

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Pedals for sale.

All in full working order. All have velcro on the bottom.

1.Bright onion 2 gang router. £15 posted

2.Bright onion mini looper. £20 posted

3.*sold soul food sold*

4.Ehx bass preacher. £40 posted

5.Micro thumpinator.  £80 posted  SOLD

6.Boss LS-2. £50 posted SOLD

7.Tech 21 SH-1 Steve Harris - £250 posted*  SOLD

*With metal tin and power supply, will be cleaned and ink removed.

Saving for a HX stomp so cash is king please!











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Sold a few

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    • By Walker
      £100 each (+ £5 towards postage)
      Three Tech21 Sansamp Character pedals.
      These are getting a bit harder to find now, they all sound great, but these three have always been my favourites.
      Blonde - Mkll - £100
      Liverpool Mkl - £100
      British Mkll - £100
      I'll post them 'Signed For' delivery, next working day.

    • By Lloyd80
      Hi all,
      New member here!  Just looking for some advice. I have been playing for around 6 months.  Took up bass as apparently playing the drums in a terraced house annoys the neighbours and I needed to get my music fix!!! 
      So have been dabbling with pedals in the last few months and currently have;
      Xvive bass squeezer
      Arion MEQ-2
      Behringer bass overdrive
      But, being a drummer and a simple soul, I have been looking to simplify things even further. 
      So after a bit of research and youtube vids. This is the current short list of 4 possibles. 
      Fender Downtown Express               
      EHX Battalion               
      Valeton Dapper Bass
      SONICAKE Bass Preamp DI Box
      So indeed of advice and personal experiences of the 4 pedals above.
      I play most music, rock, metal, funk, pop, Motown, soul, blues.  I have a very eclectic taste. 
      I know I'm asking alot from one pedal. But for the sound I like. I dont need lots of heavy effects. 
      Compression, overdrive and an eq are my go to.  
      So what are your thoughts? 
    • By cetera
      Aside from power & the 1969 having 2 channels..... is there any big difference in the tone circuits/sound of these two amps?
      If not, I'm presuming they both use the same circuit as in the VT Bass DI Pedal & Rackmount?
      Love the sound of the 1969 head but they are silly expensive and almost impossible to find here...
      Thanks in advance for any clarification/assistance! 
    • By Baloney Balderdash
      Electro Harmonix has announced a new analog Vibrato and Chorus pedal they call Eddy :
      Here's the manual on EHX's homepage:
      And here's a short article about it:
      Looks really promising and the above article says that the street price will be just 99$ (equal to about 74£/600 Danish Kroner), about half of the price I thought it was going to cost after watching the video.
      I might need to get one of these.
      Judging from the video the vibrato sounds beautiful, but would like to hear a bit more of the chorus side, and ideally a demo of it on bass, before I decide to pull the trigger.
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