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[SOLD] 3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini Limited Edition "Drake Finish"
Hackney, London

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Selling this limited edition 3 Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini Limited Edition in "Drake" finish. Works perfectly, handmade in Seattle and built like a tank - selling only to fund other pedal purchases.

Simple to use, 3 controls: Volume, Mix between dry and effected signal, and tone control that goes from the OC-2 circuit all the way to the Mutron Octave circuit.

Collection in London or postage if preferred (postage price not included).


The Octabvre Mini is a modified and miniaturised version of the Octabvre that was designed for bass player and effects guru Tim Lefebvre. It starts with the popular Tim-tuning mod from the original and takes it further with a reworked tone knob that runs the gamut from classic OC-2-inspired thump to all-out sub fuzz.

The new tone knob blends together two independent tone circuits. With the tone knob fully counterclockwise, the Octabvre Mini is a functional equivalent of the classic Boss OC-2 Octaver. As the tone knob is turned up, a fuzzy square wave version of the octave down circuit is introduced.

Footprint: 64 x 118 mm


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My favourite octave pedal so far! Gives extra volume over OC 2 so takes the title for me for that sound. Just got gas for something I already have.. cash back! Good luck to seller and buyer too!!! 🙂

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