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(FS/FT) EBS OctaBass Triple mode Octave ** WITHDRAWN **
East Herts

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Well respected octave pedal.

couple of marks here and there, all superficial. Seem to have misplaced a couple of the screws that on the bottom but the ones left are more than up to the task.

That weird foam backing same as all EBS pedals but Velcro seems to stick to it OK.

£70 delivered or collect from East Herts. Trade for another octave, COG t-16, Boss OC-2, etc.






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    • By vintage_ben
      For sale is my Trace Elliot Dual SMX Compressor Pedal - complete with all important 18V power supply with 2.5mm power fitting (normal Boss is 2.1mm). No trades please as money will go towards funding another project.
      Following the recent purchase of a TE GP12 SMX preamp which has this compressor built in so this is now surplus to requirements.  It's a great sounding compressor, punching well above it's weight at the price.
      Here's what Ovnilab.com say 
      "Unusual features include: separate knobs to control the amount of compression for the high and low sides of the crossover; a "tilting" EQ knob that emphasizes either the highs or the lows; and a second footswitch to bypass only the high band of the compression (meaning only the lows would get compressed).
      The center frequency of the crossover is 350Hz, but it has a shallow slope so the upper and lower bands actually overlap between 225Hz and 900Hz. The compression attack is not adjustable, but they preset a fast attack for the high band and a slow attack for the low band, which seems like a good setup. The noise level is fairly low--not the quietest, but acceptable. It does roll off a bit of both the lows and highs. The overall tone and action are quite smooth and musical, clean and punchy, at most comp settings; only at the highest settings it can sound a bit "artificial". At high ratios there can be a noticeable "pop" or "tic" artifact when the threshold is crossed. The maximum ratio is 8:1, so even at the highest settings it does not act as a limiter on the strongest peaks.
      This pedal is not quite up to the same audio standards and capabilities as the Rane or FEA dual-band comps, but it does sound quite good, and the differences would be less apparent while playing live on stage. Dual-band compression in general can allow much more finger-articulation sound and less "swallowing of the highs" than a single-band system, so the Trace SMX is a worthy contender if those qualities are important to you, and if you find one at a fair price."
      Price includes postage in UK mainland. Or can be collected (COVID safe) from Buckhurst Hill (Essex), or I'm at my office Chancery Lane in London one-ish days a week.

    • By gazhowe
      MXR Bass Octave Deluxe pedal for sale:  £85 - including insured shipping within the UK.
      Main features:
      Two independent analog sub-octave voices with a Dry control and a Mid+ switch to optimize the sound of your parallel clean signal. Dry knob to mix in your direct signal, and hit the Mid+ switch to add up to +14dB of internally adjustable mid frequencies (400Hz or 850Hz). Two separately controlled octave voices—Growl (for throaty tone) and Girth (for deep tone). Can be powered by a 9-volt battery or 9-volt adapter. The pedal is in good condition.  There are a couple of very minor chips in the paint that you can see on the pictures.  It doesn't have the original rubber feet but has velcro on the bottom (I can removed this if required).  Shipping will be in a non-original box but will be well packed.
      PM me if interested please.

    • By Golder7
      Hi guys,
      I am one of those who lurk around here and very rarely post! But, I'm in need of some advice for where I go next with some pedals...
      For reference, my gear is Musicman Stingray (2004-3EQ), Fender MIM P (2008/9), Ashdown ABM EVO III 500, Ashdown ABM 410T, Boss TU-2 and EHX Deluxe Bass Big Muff.
      As far as what I am doing and wanting to achieve? Well, I started a functions band at the beginning of the year... whilst COVID has hampered us slightly it's meant we've been able to practice more and really hone our sounds. As it's functions and I will play finger style / plectrum / slap I feel I really need a compressor, something to even out the volume across styles and the neck etc. Additionally, I am looking at having a SANSAMP bass driver so on the occasion where we are in a small venue I don't need to use my (big, heavy) amp and go straight in to our PA, or equally if we are doing a big hall I can just use my amp for monitoring.
      So my dilemma... do I get a compressor and SANSAMP pedal, or go for something like the Tech 21 Fly Rig?
      The pedals I have been looking at are the MXR M87 and the SANSAMP Bass Driver. Currently, at Andertons these will come in at £370. Benefits I see is that this is 'modular' so I can change pedals if I want to, and potentially I have more control a) in terms of signal path and b) in terms of what each pedal can do. Also, I can buy one at a time which would mean getting one sooner
      Whereas the Fly Rig is £275, which would be a slightly larger outlay at the beginning... but would be done in one go... plus, the convenience of carrying one thing to gigs... It also has other fun things I may use at some point. I particularly like the fun I think i'd have with the filter!
      Any experience with either set up would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance guys!
    • By waveydavy
      EBS OctaBass studio Edition true bypass model. Very good condition has Velcro on base. Complete with original packaging 

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