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SOLD: John East J-Tone 01 Volume/Blend + 60's Fender Vintera Jazz Pups + Spare Knobs
Saltney, Flintshire

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Hi Fellow Lord's of The Low End.

Up for grabs here is a little bundle of stuff that works amazingly well together. Sadly it's not quite what I am looking for tonally so I have reverted to something a bit more traditional.

So what's included is a pair of 60's Fender Vintera Jazz Pups as found in their most recent 60's Reissue Jazz Basses, real traditional sounding, but awesome with the preamp. 

Bought from Bass direct a few months back all original box, instructions, spare tone caps and 2 spare solder-less points included for the ground for £150, A little about the John East -

Is it possible to retain the original sound of a J style bass?, but with a modern Active EQ? in the same preamp, along with no changes to my bass?

In response, we have created the J-TONE pre amp, replicating the authentic original passive wiring of the J style bass with a high spec Active EQ. It's designed as a direct drop-in replacement, including a place for the battery. It's easy to fit at home using basic tools, no soldering, no physical changes to the instrument*.

The Passive wiring is available as either the classic Volume / Volume / Tone, or for those who prefer a master volume - Volume / Blend / Tone. Plug-in tone caps allow additional fine tuning of the passive tone control.

The Active EQ is simplicity itself, incorporating highly responsive bass and treble controls, taken from our new high end UNI-PRE system. Internal edge wheels allow individual custom voicing for both the bass and treble control spectrums. Instrument qualities can be enhanced in conjunction with tone-shaping to match playing styles.

It has the retro knobs fitted from east (an extra £25) & a spare set of chrome knobs if that is your thing.

I want £150 all in with P&P.

Any questions just ask.






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