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Fender Marine Layer Reverb SOLD________________

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Fender Marine Layer Reverb, 

Bought from Andertons 4 weeks ago. Absolutely brand new, used twice in lockdown, now surplus as I have acquired a Plethora X5.

A brilliant pedal particularly for fretless playing with its variation and control. Has a very clever instant battery change door that flips down!


  • 3 Reverb types - hall, room, special
  • Each reverb type has 2 variations for maximum versatility
  • Control over reverb time, damping, pre-delay and level
  • Effect tails continue when pedal is bypassed for a smooth performance
  • Lets you achieve all manner of reverbs, from slap-back, subtle room ambience, through to huge atmospheric halls and 'shimmer'.

So, save on a new one. Insured post £7. (Also advertised on the bay)



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    • By Beno
      Ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard
      Vital stats:-
      Weight: On a kitchen scales it comes in at 4.2kgs. On a bathroom scales, it’s 4.4kgs so it’s there or there abouts. Either way, it’s a light bass and certainly the lightest bass I’ve played.
      Neck: 41.7mm at nut.
      I bought this bass in 1982. I have changed nothing on it. Personally, I think it’s a great looking bass (subjective of course) and has just the right amount of road wear. It sounds fantastic.
      I had screened the routing with foil (no problems, it was just the done thing at the time) and my luthier kindly made a much better job with the copper foil FOC many years ago. It’s a 45yo bass that has been played a lot so naturally has minor issues.
      Some wear on the fingerboard and frets (as pics). It will need a re-fret on the first 9 frets at some stage although imo, not needed immediately A repair of the few wear points on the finger board would be on the cards also and I have priced the bass accordingly. I could do that here and then add that cost to the price of the bass but thought buyer may prefer to have it done by their guy at their leisure.
      The D saddle screw is not original to the bridge.
      Scrape mark bottom of lower horn. Sealed when my luthier was fixing some minor varnish chips on the neck.
      Tiny bit of play in the E machine head. It tunes up/down perfectly and stays where you want it to. When tuned, the thumb screw can move a couple of mil each way without moving the capstan so it’s not really an issue.
      Hairline crack in the scratch plate at the tone pot.
      A crack (since diy repaired) in the thumb rest (below) and not noticeable.
      The saddles are brass/bronze and I don’t know if they were changed or not. (I see a fretless P on here with the same setup)
      I hope I’m not underselling this bass. I wanted to cover the minor stuff and be totally upfront. None of the little issues take away from the fact that it is a great sounding/playing mid 70’s bass and will hold its value into the future.
      Strung with new’ish RS66. Comes with non-original hard case.

    • By Chienmortbb
      These were fitted to my Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass but as I was having trouble with my shoulder I shelled out for some Gotoh Resolites for the Aerodyne . These  are often described as Smoke Chrome, or Cosmo Black and look great on the bass. They have been identified by @Bassassin as Gotoh GB10s. The tuners will be nicely packed in the Gotoh Packaging pictured (and more). All the fittings are included as can be seen in the puictures. Here are a few scratches as can be seen in the photos but they are in good conditiion for there age and use. As far as I know there are differences between USA, Mexican and Japanese Fenders so please check before you buy. I will of course answer any question and will put some dimensions.
      on later.
    • By coasterbass
      After much indecision I’ve reluctantly decided to put my Fender Jazz up for sale.  This bass has been my gigging backup bass since 2005 which means that it has lived in its case for 99% of its life and has barely seen action beyond a pre-gig tune up. 
      The bass is a ‘made in Mexico’ but for my money was indistinguishable against my US made versions.  The output is very punchy. 
      Finish is in Midnight Wine which is in great condition barring a slight buckle rash on the rear (pictured). 
      I’m happy to ship at buyers cost otherwise you are welcome to take a look in person. I’m in Maidenhead, SL6. There may be opportunity to meet/drop off along the M4 corridor or northwest London.  I’m also happy to include either a soft case or hiscox hard case. 
      I’m starting this off at £375 or near offer. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries. 

    • By StuarDaddy
      I have for sale an 80s Fender Japan 75 reissue Jazz Bass in 3TS stamped as a JB75-80 with an E740531 serial number. This dates between 85-87 but looking online more likely to be an 86 from what I’ve seen. I can honestly say it’s the best condition 80s Fender bass I’ve ever seen. There are a couple of marks as shown but they are insignificant. The neck is in perfect condition as is the headstock with no signs of leaning or balancing at all. The body i believe is Ash and the finish on top is flawless. I have taken as many photos as I can to reflect the condition. The action is low and fast and the neck is quite shallow, nowhere near as deep as my 73 Jazz. It has the micro tilt neck, the Bullet Truss rod turns smoothly and shows no sign of wear, the frets are perfect, the binding on the rosewood neck is immaculate, the neck pocket is tight as anything. I have replaced the black original scratchplate with a fender original tortoishell one which just looks cooler to my eye, that cost 65 pounds itself. The original black one is included in the sale as is the Hiscox hardshell case. I’m asking for £1100 as I haven’t seen one as good as this. It is listed by a friend on Facebook as I don’t have an account if you see it elsewhere. Selling as I’m saving for a 60s PB so no trades thanks unless you have a Pre CBS Precision you want to get rid of 😂
      Oh and it weighs 5.3kg as to be expected with these.
      Happy to post, meet or open to someone to safely try it out. 
      Thanks for looking

    • By Skerritt
      Up for sale, sadly, is my 2014 Fender American Deluxe Jazz V, complete with original Fender hard case and unopened case candy.
      Only had one owner (me) and has spent the last couple of years in the case due to life getting in the way. Unfortunately I can't justify holding on to it any longer.
      It's everything you'd expect from a top quality Fender V string , 34" scale length, plays like a dream and weighs in at around 4.2kg (9.25lbs). The two N3 pickups sound amazing and the active circuit really adds a bit if you need it to.
      It has a barely used set of Slinky's on it at the moment (which I'll happily throw in) and it still looks and plays like it did in the shop.
      Almost as good as new, I've gigged it a handful of times but have kept it in rather good nick. The only blemishes being a tiny ding on the underside and a really miniscule mark on the headstock. Both are pitcured. The volume pot rises up a touch when approaching full volume, but doesn't effect the playability or wiring at all. An easy fix. The case has a few light scratches but still has that 'new case' smell.
      I can ship (at buyer's expense) but would prefer to hand it over in person. I'm based in North London but I can travel if absolutely necessary.
      No trades, but potentially interested in a part-exchange for a 90s Fender Mustang (the kind with 6 strings... blasphemy).
      Thanks for looking!

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