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Corelli 370M Bass Strings Light Gauge Hybrid Strings
North London

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Selling a lightly used set of Corelli 370M Bass strings. Standard 3/4 size ones. Very easy under the hands and nice for pizz or arco.

Lockdown friendly pickup in North London, N11or a can post for a few quid.

Any questions let me know.




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    • By d_g
      Hi guys
      My name is Dan Giles and I'm offering lockdown friendly Skype/Zoom/Facetime lessons to electric and double bass players. All you need is your instrument, your laptop/tablet/phone and an internet connection. I've been teaching for over ten years and can cover all areas, from technique and reading to gear, professional advice and music school prep. My Skype is fully set up with Loopback so I can play you songs, DI my bass, send you a click etc and also you are welcome to record the lessons to watch back in your own time.
      Most of my work is playing for shows and musicals - I recently did the UK Tour of Priscilla Queen of The Desert and I am also a dep on a few West End shows. Additionally I'm an Overwater Artist, do studio sessions and play for a few artists - so with the current lockdown I have found myself with plenty of free time and space for more lessons than usual! 
      I offer everyone a free starter lesson to make sure Skype is all set up properly and find out exactly what I can help you with - there's no obligation that have any more lessons after that. I offer 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute lessons charged at £40/hour with discounts available for booking multiple lessons.
      To find out more about me/my CV/my work have a look at the website here DanGilesMusic.co.uk 
      To find out more about how my Skype lessons work check out my SkypeBassLesssons.co.uk website.
      If you have any questions or what to book in just let me know by messaging on here or using my contact details below!
      Hope to hear from you, cheers.
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 07783 966 128
    • By Shashank Das
      Hi, I'm planning to buy this travel bass from Mr. Ross Anderson in Australia, would like to know opinions of people who have used it, comes with spirocore mediums, K&K bass max pickup, soft case and a fiberglass hard case. it looks a lot like the Czech ease bass but very affordable and sounds great!!

    • By foxyFuze
      Hi all,
      A quick mention for Carl and his LordoftheStrings online store based in The Netherlands.  I struggled to find a certain set of strings anywhere but this storer had them; about 7 days delivery and prompt communications throughout. Even with a few quid delivery, it was reasonably priced. 
      Worth a look if UK distributors don't have what you're looking for!
      P.S. I am not affiliated with them or a recipient of any free stuff (sadly).
    • By Bassdep
      Are you a decent bass guitarist ? 
      Have you had a double bass propped up in the corner for years ? 
      Have you tried it a few times, hurt your hand....then put it back ? 
      Yes thought so, that was me about 30 years ago.
      I'm a graduate of Leeds College of Music, back in the eighties, and have spent the last 30 odd years working as a professional bass player. It took me a while to come to terms with playing the double bass from the perspective of a bass guitarist....but I did.
      My CV is fairly extensive, including some of the worlds most divers venues and festivals (literally from the Hollywood Bowl, down to the local Pub). I am usually a busy player, working for many theatres, studios gigs from Dame Shirley Bassey to Bjork, and most things in-between. During lockdown, I've still managed a few on-line sessions for Trinity/Guildhall tutor books and a couple of big band sessions.
      I am exploring on-line teaching, we have a purpose built studio, my wife uses it teach Saxophone, so I'm learning her "tricks of the trade" re working remotely, and actually, whilst not as good as face-to-face, it certainly works.
      As a minimum you'll need a decent smart-phone/tablet/laptop and decent headphones....and a decent internet connection. The experience is better with a decent USB mic or some way of D.I. ing into your computer or device, and a wired connection but I'm more than happy to advise on this. 
      I'll  upload some sound files later, so you can hear me play, see if you like what you hear. Due to the amount of variables involved, I'm more than happy to an initial meeting/lesson/tech session for free, just to see if both get on, and the system works.
      After that I would charge my usual teaching rate £30/h or £15/30 mins.....I'm completely flexible, and no requirement for regular or weekly lessons etc....just PAYG !
      Happy to chat at any time. Lessons in English, any time zone catered for !
      Thank you,
      Russell Swift
      My website is.      
    • By AinsleyWalker
      So I broke a string on my Musicman Stingray and put a new set of flats on, but the silks didn't line up after I trimmed them down... My previous set lined up perfectly (were put on by a guitar tech friend). 
      I tried googling solutions but every site/forum tells me that it's simply not possible to get them to line up perfectly... I would believe this, except my old set were all aligned perfectly and each string had been trimmed to fit. He can't remember exactly what he did (it was over 3 years ago he gave me a set-up), but says he can't imagine doing anything special beyond the 3 machinehead rule.

      I may just keep the old strings that I've taken off and try to get a new set to the exact individual lengths as the old set (bar the G string which is no good and in pieces). Anyone think this will be my best bet? Or have any other suggestions that work for them?
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