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One of the new tracks that we recorded in the studio just aired on the New Music Saturday Show.  Bass was an LX4 Warwick Streamer (the custom-made black stealth) into a GK Legacy 800 head.  Have a listen via the link below.  The track is 'Ground Down' by Before They Are Hanged and starts at 140:01 (scroll down and you can jump into the podcast right where the track starts):


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    • By dapiccol
      I'm selling this beautiful Warwick Streamer LX made in Germany.
      It sounds amazing and has a great Low B, but i do not play much at the moment and i would rather sell it to someone who can give it what it deserves
      The bass is in very good condition, it only has a few marks on the lower part of the body, as shown in the pics.
      Ovangkol Neck
      Wenge Fingerboard
      Gold Hardware
      Flamed Maple top
      Active 2 Ways electronics
      Truss rod cover is missing
      I accept payment with bank transfer or Paypal (+4% on final price)
      I can ship In Italy for 27€, in all Europe for 55£,  and to the USA for 165£
      I might be interested in trades with Warwick Corvette $$ 5 Strings, Warwick Thumb, Fender Jazz USA (or Marcus Miller signature Japan), Fender Precision USA, Music Man Stingray, Dingwall... anyways feel free to make me some other offers
      (in case of long distance trades i will ship my bass as soon as i receive yours  )
      For any other info feel free to contact me

    • By pajhartley
      Gallien-Krueger GK-700RB Mark II bass amplifier, in superb condition with hard rack/carry case.   I got this as a trade, tested to check full working order (check!). It's in great nick, and comes with the front handles.   Collection only from Bournemouth, or I will drive for a contribution to fuel, up to 100 miles, contribution to be agreed before I travel. I'm often in Seaford (near Brighton) over the next week, so I'll deliver along the A/M27 for nothing. I won't post this because of the fragility/weight.   Looking for £450.

    • By foxyFuze
      Hi all,
      I bought this to scratch the itch of having a short / medium scale and with a different pickup configuration to my other instruments; all well aside from the P bass-sized neck which I can't get on with.  I got this for £290 delivered so am offering a decent saving on a well-finished instrument in great condition.
      Offers and trade options welcome. 
      32" scale
      Precision-size neck, 42mm width at nut
      Lightweight!  - small, basswood body
      Tuners are very smooth and hold tune well (I was pleasantly surprised by their quality)
      Hi-gain pickups of their own design - I'm not a Rick aficionado but they have a good reputation and have been used as replacements according to a couple of videos online.
      I'll post securely or I can host a try-out in Bristol (a fine selection of tea and coffee awaits).  Insured postage also an option.
      Happy to take more photos as required.


    • By tvickey
      So, the Warwick LX5 Streamer with black hardware arrived today.   However, I'm not so impressed with the sound of this low-B string.  Have a look at the bridge photo... could the problem be the tapered low-B that Warwick gives you?  The low-B just sounds incredibly disappointing. 
      This fretboard is Wenge...  I have some Ernie Balls here that I could put on... or D'Addario tapewounds.  Think either of those will help?

    • By Gamble
      Rather sadly I'm just not playing my Warwick basses anymore so I think it's time they found a new home, so here's my 2003 Custom Thumb NT 5. 
      I bought this bass nearly new quite a few years ago now, it's spent more of that time tucked away in it's case than it should have so it's still looking pretty good - there's a handful of tiny dings here and there, I can try and get pics if you want but most of them aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them (if you see what I mean). 
      Custom options wise it's an ovangkol body with an ebony fretboard and a 3 band eq, I had the Dunlop recessed straplocks fitted by the Bass Centre in London where I bought it (if anyone knows Jimmy who used to work there it was him who commissioned the build and sold it to me). Comes with a very solid Warwick flight case and truss rod tool, and of course the straplocks to go with the recessed buttons. 
      Apart from that it's a Warwick Thumb Bass, pretty distinctive sound and looks, what else do you need to know? 
      Seriously though, don't be shy with any questions or corrections if you know Warwick basses better then me, I'm asking £1750 but as you'd expect the price is negotiable. 
      I'll consider UK trades (can't be dealing with international shipping I'm afraid), ideally with cash my way - I'd be interested in;
      Exotic woods/finishes/body shapes on basses, Warwicks with the pre '00s neck profile, Status, Dingwall, something unusual - 5 stringers only. Darkglass heads, barefaced cabs, Line 6 Helix, maybe a Headrush (I'll have to read up on them. 

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