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Cramming 2 J pick ups in a soapbar housing?

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Please hear me out on this:

I have a bass with a Reverse "Spector" P/EMG DC Soapbar configuration but I've sold the pickups and am replacing it with passive Duncans. already put an SPB-3 in the neck position and was considering the SSB-NYC for the bridge but it's more expensive than I'm wiling to spend so my other option is sticking 2 SJB-3s (as they come up fairly cheap 2nd hand) in a soapbar housing and wiring it up. I find wiring fun so could be a fun project?

I know I'd need the actual SJB-3 set (RW/RP neck pick up) but I was wondering if:-

- Will 2 J pick ups would fit in a soapbar housing?

- (and if so) I plan on having this pickup hooked up to a 3 way series/parallel/single switch (essentially utilising the 4-conductor element to the wiring) so I'd replace the black/white wires on the south "coil" (SJB-3b) with red/green and treat the wiring like a typical 4-con Series/Parallel/Split humbucker wiring method? - side note, I would put a strip of copper tape over the back of the 2 coils and solder on a "bare" earth wire to that (my Nordstrands have that method on so must be alright?)

Here's some pics for reference and thank you in advance to any one who replies (within reason haha): 




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