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Picking 16th notes?


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Rohan, well I'm feeling 'picky' this morning.. lol 'scuse the pun! I'd say that every note you play shuld have a point to it.. or why bother? Ok, I know you don't mean it like that! ;o)

Actually, although you may not hear a difference it is definitely there. why not use 8ths in one part of the song and say 16ths in another part? It's a simple change but can help to lift the song more. For example in a pre chorus or bridge part. If you are having problems hearing it, you may not be loud enough, or the guitars are masking your 'bottom end'.

If you start writing more dextrous basslines, you wont wanna stay playing 8ths notes all the time.

On the flipside, there is a good reason to play 8ths. Sometimes songs can be too complicated and can sound very messy if not everyone is 'tight' when playing together. Simplifying bass parts in relation to a complex guitar part can really open up the song and make it sound tighter. (This works the other way round too. You only have to listen to some of the Chilli's stuff to hear the guitar playing very little over a funky bassline to note how effective it is.)

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