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Bass mags, Classic Rock & Bass catalogues

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Bass Guitar mags from 2017 issues 141 & 142-149

3 x Classic Rock magsfrom 2015 issues 212 - 216

Mesa/Boogie 2004 & 2010 catalogues

Warwick catalogue (unknown year)

Pick up from Woking/Guildford (Surrey) area.

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    • By TorVic
      (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments)
      price drop: 1090EUR / 995GBP
      No trades - selling for another purchase here. Will ship in a generic case. 
      I received this in a trade. It's an early 90s Streamer Stage-1 that has been modified and refinished in a transparent gloss finish in a denim blue colour (with a fixed button to complete the denim look). 
      The hardware is all original. The frets seem to be original and might require some dressing. 
      It is lightweight and has the easiest fastest neck on any bass I've played. 
      Through Neck: 3 piece maple Body wings: Maple Fretboard: Wenge Pickups: Haussel PJ passive (with large magnets) Preamp: Noll 2-band 9V  Controls: Vol (Push/Pull = active/passive) + blend + bass + treble (works as tone knob in passive mode)  Dunlop strap locks in gold finish included weight: 3.2kg / 7.1lbs  

    • By JBP
      Hi Folks, for sale or trade is my very rare 2010 Warwick  $$ Limited Edition No 30/85. There is a pic of the spec sheet below. This bass has a nice slim very playable neck, all frets and hardware are in good condition. The combination of the Bartolini's and the MEC 3 band circuit is amazing the addition of the mid frequency control turns this into a complete tone beast. Comes with the Warwick tool kit and flight case. Recently strung with Elixir rounds. Weight is 4.5ish Kg on the bathroom scales
      Would prefer collection from South West London though I can travel within reason, can also ship at buyers expense. If your interested I am sure we can sort something out. A socially distant try out is also welcome.
      I am willing to discuss trades especially for a 4 string Jazz, I've been finding myself craving something more Old School for a few months now, so I'm open to ideas.
      Any questions please ask


    • By alinbassplayer
      With a heavy heart i'm putting my 2001 Warwick SS1 5 string up for sale.
      When I got it 3 years ago it was in a dire situation in its original "finish", it was all scratched up and the previous owner just kept waxing without cleaning, so a lot of grime had built up, one of the original saddles was lost and had been replaced with a smaller one, and the jack plug only worked continuously in passive mode, active was interrupted.
      So i replaced the whole bridge, will provide the old one for parts, i think i still have the original knobs it came with but they were just a little more tarnished and had lost their shine.
      When i bought the bridge and measured everything I realized this is actually the broad neck version and not the normal one, i only had a rockbass to compare it to, and that's not a fair comparison.
      2 years ago i had it professionally refinished by one of the Crimson Guitars tutors. It is now in a lovely semi satin finish, and a nice red which i think actually enhances the flamed maple, we managed to cover and clean most of the scratches but some can still be seen.
      I have also installed recessed Dunlop straplocks but i can provide the original ones should anyone endeavour to install them back, i am not very skilled in woodwork and didn't want to screw it up.(get it?!)
      The preamp and pickups are original, preamp is 3 band active/passive and honestly the tone out of it is unbelievable.
      The neck is beautiful, a little on the thicc side, but feels very comfortable and compliments the looks and sound of the bass.
      Only selling as the addition of a new bass will basically mean this will not be used at all anymore.
      Original specs as per warwick serial no.
      G 085969-01 
      2001 Streamer Stage 1
      5 string
      Flamed maple AA body
      Flamed maple neck
      Natural oil finish(not any more)
      Gold hardware
      And i think the fretboard is Wenge but it's not mentioned on the specs.
      It has been my main war horse for the past 2 years so it has a few newer scars, all can be seen in the photos. I keep my action pretty high as i play in A tuning. It could do with a clean and maybe a setup. Strings are fairly recent D'Daddario nickels 135 and lower.
      Any questions let me know, not interested in trades, unless it's a 5 string fanned fret/headless/both. 
      Offers welcome as price is not fixed.
      I prefer collection only from Lewisham, London or around the South East London area.
      Will come with a Hiscox Liteflite HSC.
      Price drop: £1400 ONO

    • By LukeFRC
      TL;DR version
      Nice older era Warwick. Well played, lightweight, sounds amazing, really nice fret job, really lightweight. Buy it now!
      So I never thought I would do this... 

      This bass has been my main bass for years and years. It was my love for Warwicks that really let me onto Basschat in the first place and ever since I picked it up it's been my main bass while loads more have been and gone. My decision to trade my old JD Thumb bass for a Sadowsky a couple of years ago was driven only by the fact the Sadowsky would be easier to sell... I've played nothing else since, and as such, and having to use the small room full of basses as a home office recently a couple of my basses need to make way.

      So what is it.
      A 1991 Warwick Streamer. Maple body, maple neck and wenge stringers, wenge fretboard. Gold hardware.
      1991 is prior to the move east, so similar with most the Warwicks of this era it's got the nice thin neck. I measure a 39-40mm nut.
      The hardware is gold and I think from when it was still made by Schaller. 
      It's bright and lively sounding - it's super sensitive to your right hand position and attack. Some basses sound like they sound, this one you can change the sound dramatically depending where you play over. I made a recording of it in this thread here where it was voted the best sounding by a long way.
      The original MEC pickups (long gone) were stupidly bright to my ears so I swapped them out for a Bartolini PJ set. From memory it's from before the "classic series" existed, so they are original series. They are a perfect match to my ears for the brightness of the bass giving a warm mid range and the fat bottom. 
      The preamp is the original MEC one. It did wear a ACG preamp for years but I switched it back to something simpler as the ACG plus Helix stomp was way too many options. 
      Like most Warwicks the jack socket has been changed (a few times)  
      What is it not.
      If you want something factory fresh and pristine - this isn't the bass for you. It's been played - a lot. First by the original owner, and then by me. (nb most the knocks were from the previous guy)  There is nothing structural, wood has knocks and dings, and it's discoloured slightly in some contact spots (eg above the P pickup, round the volume) in the flesh this isn't really super noticeable... but as I said, if you wanted something pristine or without blemish you wouldn't have read this far... there's probably a reason that it's been so well played in the last 29 years though. 

      It's also not heavy. I make it 3.2-3.6kg using the time honoured getting on and off the bathroom scales technique. (3.2kg in two scales 3.6kg on another) It's one of the lightest basses I've played and balances well. (There's a current trend towards lightweight basses.... some of which is led by wanting a super light bass so your shoulder doesn't hurt at the end of a 4 hour gig, and some of it led by medical requirements. I'm reasonably confident in my weighing - but if there's a medical reason why you would like a bass this light, lets talk and I'll work out a way of getting more accurate measurements) 
      This is probably the most important point.... it is not a battered player. The truss works perfectly (and I think is removable if it didn't) 
      When I got it the previous owner had impressively managed to wear down the bell brass frets in the first position. which was a bit hard to play. I took it to the lovely guys at Alpher (thanks @CHRISDABASS) who must have spent ages giving it a fret job. The result is a super smooth playing bass with the ability to get the action down to silly places if that's your thing. It really is beautiful job they did. 

      What else does it come with?
      A nice Levys Canadian leather strap in green, with the dunlop strap locks (it came with it when I bought it, I never got around to changing it) 
      A hiscox hardcase. It looks like all the other ones. It might be a more recent one as the handle is actually moulded to be comfortable to carry. 
      UK postage (international at cost, EU no probs; wider than that at my discretion) 
      Trades or offers
      Will be listened too. Not really after anything at the moment, unless it's a Precision bass of some kind. Money added either way. Don't be offended if I don't want your bass or agree with your valuation of it. 
      Offers will also be listened to. 


    • By MDWagstaff
      Hi all, 
      For sale here is my Warwick Triumph Lite (Rockbass). It's hardly used but does have a couple of dings which I've included in the photographs. Comes with the body attachments. 
      Looking for £700 (oto) or maybe willing to trade for these basses:
      Yamaha BB of similar value
      Ibanez ATK 8 series (4 or 5 string) 
      Ibanez ATK700 with cash my way
      Price dropped from £700 to £600!
      Collection from Wigan or can meet within reason. 

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