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Garage Band Avalon clone

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I’ve been using AmpliTube with an iRig HD2 on iPad as my weekday practice amp, as I’m away from home Mon-Fri every week. I’ve been struggling with getting enough volume out of it without distortion to play along to Spotify playlists. Tonight I finally decided to look for something else and a google search suggested the iPads built in Garage Band app.

I can’t for the life of me think why, but I’ve never really used Garage Band before but after a quick look around I discovered a clone of the Avalon U5 comes built into the app so I decided to give that a try and wow, it sounds great!

The combination of the Avalon clone and my Sire V7 sounds gorgeous to my old ears. Started me gassing for a U5 again. 

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Garageband is very underrated- great for playing along with, and of course free.

I used the iRigHD as well but just recently picked up the Focusrite iTrack One Pre - with this little fella it’s even better as you get a better sound before the preamp distorts

In the studio effects part the vintage tube effect does a pretty good job for a nice tone to play along with

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