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SOLD: Epiphone Toby Deluxe Trans Red - £50!!!
SE London

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Epiphone Toby Deluxe Trans Red. £50. Must be collected (without delay) from SE London. No shipping. Very good condition. Only points to note.... Neck pickup - the Tobias "gold leaf" label has work off the plastic cover where it's been used as thumb rest while playing. Body - satin finish, but is shiny in a couple of places where arm has rubbed body while playing it. I'll be posting an ad for this to Gumtree, ebay or somewhere similar if this doesn't get any interest on here in the next 24 hours. Really do need to get this moved by the end of the weekend.







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    • By Woodinblack
      Local pickup price £200 - although can discuss that!
      I have made a decision to sell everything I am not gigging or at least using, and although I have gigged this a few time, and it sounds awesome for some songs, it is really missing a string for me so it probably needs to go. This might be the one I regret selling though, as I always wanted a thunderbird.
      This is the Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro IV, which means it is the one with the vintage brown finish (obviously) and is the neck through rather than the cheaper bolt on they do, and it is also the one with the Gibson pickups. It does sound pretty thunderous. Must admit I haven't gigged it with the ashdown valve head yet, might give that a try.
      Anyway, in generally ok condition, apart from a few dents on the head, which is normal for my basses, especially this where the head is so far away from you. It also has a scratch in the back which I have no idea how it got there as I don't wear a belt. Photos of both below though.
      Can pickup from Yeovil, or I can deliver for a reasonable distance, often go to Bristol / Bath / Exeter etc or can meet in the middle somewhere.
      Lacking boxes to post at the moment, but could do if I can find some. 
      Not looking to trade, trying to cut down on numbers

    • By Aliwobble
      So, this little beauty was dangled in front of me recently and I couldn’t resist 😃

    • By Grahambythesea
      I thought I’d read somewhere on this forum that the Embassy had gone out of production. It did disappear from the Epiphone web site for a while, but now it’s back sporting new shiny colours all of which seem to have a sparkly metal flake content. It includes the classic Burgandy Mist, but I’m not so sure about Wanderlust Green! Did I read that right 🤔🥴

    • By bogleshake
      Hi folks
      I bought this from Guitar Guitar in Newcastle in July 2013, mainly after seeing Mani playing one in the Stone Roses comeback gigs.  It's the made in Korea model.  I've since seen it played by various cool cats on stage, including Jack White and Paul McCartney's bassists.  Comes in the pretty drastic-yet-appealing-to-most golden colour.  I bought it to play the Wickerman Festival that summer, RIP, and that was one of only two gigs I've used it for.  The rest of the time it's been used solely for recording on all my band's recordings (Barstow Bats, check us out!) as it's got a much better sound than my horribly noisy American Jag.  Looks class on stage as well, although I'm not sticking a photo up of me playing it at Wickerman as the Mad Crew guys said I looked like Elton John that day!  Photo can be sent by request if that's your bag though!  Great bass, in excellent condition not a mark on it and all original parts.  Case has a few marks on the outside though although nothing substantial, just doing its job as a hard case. 
      Happy to travel an hour or two, within reason, to meet.  Hit me with any questions!  
      Will post for an extra £20 or £30, give me a shout and I'll get a specific quote.

    • By redd
      Hi everyone,
      2 X Warwick Rockcase Bass flightcases for sale. Two different sizes. Condition is used but decent. A few dings and scratches as you'd expect from a used case. I've tried to include the scratches in the pics. 
      Regular size: 42.5 cm W, 122 cm L, 13 cm D, standard bass fit.
      Larger size: 48.5 cm W, 129 cm L, 16 cm D, would fit a Warwick Star, Jack Cassidy or any hollow body bass.
      50 quid each?
      Collection Only please. 

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