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Mark bass III and Little Marcus difference

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23 hours ago, Lozz196 said:

You must have been on the spinach to lift a Peavey 410 on your own 😁



I was in good shape, working out etc, so weight was not much of a problem. However, I'm only 5ft 7", so the bulk + weight combined made it an unpleasant experience. Fortunately I only had to carry it to the 1st floor and the staircase was wide, so it was manageable. A few years earlier I lived on an old block of flats with high ceilings. Narrow staircase, steep. Mine was on the 3rd floor. I had bought a Laney VC50 212 combo on eBay that weighed like a small planet. The UPS guy called from downstairs and said he was not carrying it up for me, and I had to take it by myself, or he'd take it back to the depot and I could arrange to pick it up there. I was not driving at the time so I just said "sure, I'll take it, how hard can it be?".

Well... it was hard. I could have opened the box and at least used the handles to lift it, but no, I just took the whole box and loaded it onto my shoulder. There were a couple of moments where I nearly lost my balance and had a vision of my heavy amplifier dropping to the ground floor over the staircase's banister... I do not recommend doing that. 

My cabs now are about 14Kg each. No more crazy lifting. Of course, now that I have lightweight gear I live in a house with the car parked 1.5 metres from the door and no climbing stairs needed...

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    • By topgun
      NOW SOLD!
      Hello everyone,
      I'm selling most of my stuff, including my favourite combo ever. Small, light, powerful, sounds great without endless knob-fiddling. What more could you ask for?
      All specs are here: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/cmd-121h/
      I've never gigged with this (just a handful of studio sessions), so it has had no pint spillage or other accidents whilst in my care (and I've stopped drinking, which helps). It's in great condition and works perfectly. 
      I'm not interested in any trades, sorry. I need to get rid of stuff, not just replace one thing with another.
      Local pickup preferred but I'm willing to meet somewhere not too far from home (South London). Alternatively, I'm in Worthing 2-3 days a week for work, so I could bring it down there if that suits. If you want it delivered, you will have to pay for fully insured posting.
      Happy to answer any questions.
      (Ps. I'm also selling a Sadowsky Metro 5, Xotic XP4, Sire Marcus Miller V7, and some effects and stuff - look out for those postings as well, if you're interested.)

    • By Muppet
      Very good condition combo and cab - cab is Italian made and combo is Indonesian.  I've bypassed the combo tweeter but this is easily reversed as it's just spade connectors. 
      Roqsolid covers for each - different colour piping so I can recognise which is which when I'm in a rush!
      Collection please (i'm near M1 J15)  although I can meet up. No trades unless it's a Barefaced Retro 610!
      Cab on hold. Combo with blue piping cover £430.. 

    • By AJ567
      I'm letting a few things go! All prices include postage. Pics to follow...
      Markbass Compressore - £95
      Probably the best tube compressor out there. Check out ovnilab's glowing review here. No box or power adapter I'm afraid, otherwise great condition. Needs 12V @ 500ma; can be powered with the Gigrig Supanova I have listed below. 
      Markbass Super Pro DI - £40
      Top quality straightforward passive DI. Can accept speaker level signals, so you can run it between the head and cab if you want to capture your head's sound out front. More info here. No box, otherwise great condition. 
      Xotic BB Bass Preamp (modified) - £100
      Fan favourite drive/boost/preamp pedal which needs no introduction. More info here. The switch has been upgraded to a silent true bypass courtesy of Owen Electronics - the onedownside of this pedal is that it sent a huge thump through your speakers when clicking on and off, but it's now silent as a mouse! I have also swapped the knobs for white ones, which not only look better but are much easier to see on a dark stage! No box; Excellent condition.
      Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail - £100
      Category killer analog delay. Like a carbon copy, but better. More info here. Boxed in mint condition.
      SFX Micro Thumpinator - £80
      If you read bass forums, then you know that you need one. Here's your chance. More info here. No box, great condition.
      Peavey HB2 Headphone Amp - £30
      Very handy pedalboard-friendly headphone amp. Ideal for practice and wired IEM purposes (especially because it has a limiter function like high-end IEM transmitters, so any mic drops/sound man snafus don't blow your eardrums). More info here. Needs 15V centre-positive; can be powered with the Gigrig El Paso adapter I have listed below.
      Diago Powerstation - £50
      Tiny, top quality power supply with 3,000mA capacity. Fits under a Pedaltrain Nano. Dead quiet. Ideal for use with the Gigrig adapters I have listed below. No daisy chain included I'm afraid but those aren't hard to find!
      Gigrig Supanova - £40
      Turns a 9V daisy chain outlet into an isolated 12V supply! So it's basically magic. 600ma capacity. More info here.
      Gigrig El Paso - £40
      Like the above, but turns 9V into isolated 15V centre-positive! 400ma capacity. More info here.
    • By Fastfret24
      - Barefaced Super Compact 1x12" cab (Grey cloth front) - £525 SOLD
      - Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 - £ 350 325
      About 18months old, comes with Markbass padded bag (with front and rear flaps for easy set up) and power supply.
      Awesome sounding amp with a great blend (solid-state/tube) feature and the signature VLE & VPF filters. In very good condition, recently serviced, just has a few scuffs around the corners.
      Full specs: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/little-mark-tube/
      The BigBabyII in the pictures (bottom cab) has already been sold sorry!
      Speakon cables not included. You're more than welcome to come and give it a try, I work from home so am in most of the week, although I'm away on tour from the 30th for most of October. I guess that could work out if someone further away was interested as we're covering a lot of the UK and I have space to take it with me.
      All the bass 🤘


    • By thegregga
      Brilliant combo for sale, 500W when the cab is added and well under 20 kilos! Check out the reviews online, these are great amps! 
      They have been gigged but come in good condition.
      Collection from SN25. 
      Will put more pics up when I can. 

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