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SOLD : Yamaha BBT 500h Class D bass amp, 500 Watts.
Littlehampton West Sussex

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Yamaha BBT 500 Class D, lightweight, bass amp - Now SOLD. 

I'm looking for £SOLD plus p&p (or very near offer).

This is a really nice compact bass amp head made by Yamaha in the early noughties that is absolutely packed with really useful features.

I've had it for a few years now and it's been great for rehearsals, small gigs and I've even used it as a very easy small and light spare amp at bigger gigs when I take out my Ampeg rig.

Like much of Yamaha musical equipment, it's well designed, innovative and easy to use, for example ;

The compressor on this thing is really, really good, the changeable centre frequencies of the eq are really handy, as are the 5 memory switches to save your sound! And there's a host of other cool features too (see below), including the fact that it will run at 2 ohms quite safely.

Here's what Yamaha have to say about the BBT500 :

"The Yamaha BBT 500H bass amp delivers five hundred punchy class-D watts, yet it weighs only ten and a half anti-gravity pounds.

Select from eleven of your favorite bass amp sounds, dial up the programmable parametric EQ and compressor, and store your favorite combinations to five front panel presets. Add to that a noise gate, parallel effects loop, Speaker simulator, MIDI capability, variable crossover, headphone and tuner outs, and more, and you've got one heavy package – figuratively speaking."

And here's a link to the manual:

As can be seen in the photos, I've got a pair of 1 x 12" JBL cabs with Eminence drivers in them that match really well with this amp and whilst they're not the most aesthetically pleasing bass cabs out there, they combine nicely with the BBT500 to make a very lightweight and modular rig for rehearsals and small gigs..

As I really need to clear some space at home, I would be happy to do a really good deal for the amp and cabs together if anyone's interested - £140 all in.. Just a thought.

I'm based in Littlehampton, West Sussex and am happy for anyone who's interested to come and try out the amp and cabs - please send me a PM to arrange.

Equally, I am happy to send by insured courier at buyers expense if that's the only way to get a deal done!

Any questions, please ask here or message me..

Thanks for looking as ever. 😊


P. S. And here's the full Yamah spec below:

Power Amplifier Section Class-D power amplifier circuitry, Output 500W/2Ω
Preamplifier Section All digital signal processing, Sound Type: 11 Types
5-Band Semi Parametric Tone Controls (Variable Frequencies)
Parametric Equalizer (F,G,Q)
Effect Section
Output Limiter
Noise Gate
Speaker Simulator
Filter LPF/HPF, Cutoff Frequency
Effect Logo Monaural Send/Return, Level Switch (-20dB/+4dB), Effect Blend Control
User Memory 5 User Memory
A/D Conversion 24 bit
D/A Conversion 24 bit
Sampling Frequency 48kHz
Input Level/Impedance INPUT: -37dBm (thru) / 1MΩ
FX LOOP RETURN: -20dBm/220kΩ, +4dBm/220kΩ
Output Level/Impedance SPEAKER: 500W RMS/2Ω, 250W RMS/4Ω
FX LOOP SEND: -20 dbM/100KΩ, +4DbM/100KΩ
Power Requirements/
Power Consumption U.S. and Canadian models: 120V, 60Hz/130W
General model: 230V, 50-60Hz/130W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 14-7/8" x 3-7-16" x 10-7/16" (378 x 88 x 265mm











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SOLD elsewhere.

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