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Yamaha TRB 5II Lefty translucent blue great feeler
osnabrück Germany

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I am selling my beautiful Yamaha TRB 5II bass in the left-handed version. The bass is finished in transparent blue with matching headstock.
This is one of the first basses in this series, built in Japan in march 1998. It is equipped with two Alnico V humbuckers (single coil + dummy coil) and a 3 band electronic. The neck (35") is made of maple with a rosewood fretboard fitted with 24 frets and a bone nut. This TRB is not light wighted but very comfortable to play. Ash (Lite-Ash) was chosen as the body wood.
The TRB 5II has a direct, tight tone, which reproduces every single note in great detail. Also the B-string is very concrete in the sound reproduction. Even when the bass EQ is turned to max, the TRB does not tend to thump. This bass offers a lot of low ends, which makes him a Reggae Monster if you want. The heights are silvery and not intrusive and provide crisp slap and pick sounds.
The bass is in good, used condition. Of course it has some dings and dongs. A slightly larger one on the back of the instrument. These quirks, however, are only cosmetic damage, the bass is working properly and can play excellent.

The TRB 5II is located in Germany. But shipping to the UK is not a problem (except to the Channel Islands). I am happy to add a leather strap.







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I've had two of these, and both were excellent! Great players, wide range of tones and tough! What's cool about the dummy coils is there is an internal trimpot for each pickup individually to blend in as much or as little of the dummy coil signal as you like. 

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    • By Dirty Soul
      Please note, the bass is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will ship to EU countries. Please contact me first  
      Selling my Corvette unlined Fretless 5. 
      Turns out I’m not as good at fretless playing as I imagined so this just isn’t getting used. A real shame but I have my eye on something else. 
      Made in Germany in 2008. Bubinga body, Ovangkol neck with ebony fingerboard, with minimal markings. 
      Natural oil finish and carefully treated weekly with the Warwick wax. (Included in sale)
      Passive electronics with volume, pick-up blend and tone controls. I was very surprised by the variety of sounds that come out of those controls! MEC dynamic correction pups.
      Currently strung with Rotosound 45-130 flatwounds. 
      Weight is 6kg.
      Includes Warwick Rockbag, surface finishing wax and truss rod tool. 
      Open to reasonable offers.
      Buyer to collect from Copenhagen, Denmark or can post within the EU at buyers expense.

    • By bassfan
      I have a very lovely example of a 1989 Yamaha Bb1100s for sale, in a very sought after white that’s aging nicely. This Bass really is lovely and in great condition for a 30yr old! Bought recently from @julesb of this very parish it’s cemented my love for PJ basses and this goes one step further being active/passive. It’s got a huge sound, nailing that P and with PJ selected it’s beautifully warm. It’s light weight, I’ll get a weight later, and very comfy to play with a nice slim j style neck . There’s a couple of marks nothing major at all and it’s all original. 
      I’ve just had it set up, new strings and comes with a lovely low action and functioning hard case. 
      Its a sale only and a regrettable one at that but I need to get some bits for a puppy we are about to take receipt of! Last in first out and all that. 
      Would rather not post at the minute but I am happy to meet within a reasonable distance. I travel a bit so maybe near you soon! 
      Any questions hit me up! 

    • By Leftbass
      Gone to Ebay but no case
      Ok, no takers! I'll consider trades but I'm mainly interested in a Fender J or P. Mex or Jap.
      Gorgeous looking instrument and also a pleasure to play with its slim neck. Plenty of eq to choose from, from booming lows, from the Tone Pump junior circuit, to piercing highs. Pickups have individual volume knobs. It has the Spector curved back. 2 SSD inc humbucking pickups.  I wanted one of these for a while but since they've gone out of production they are hard to find. I got this in January this year and it was B stock  but there isn't a thing wrong with it. Used mainly in rehearsals it hasn't had much life. I'll include a Hiscox case but  plus delivery probably around £25 insured. 
      Reason for selling so soon... I have a US jazz and I can't seem to leave it behind so from here on I'm sticking with that. Thanks for looking.

    • By basslee
      This is a stunning bass, I bought new a Pedulla ET5 Cocobolo, Gold Hardware, Bartolini Pickups Plus
      Thunderguts Low-Mids Boost Switch, 19mm String Spacing, Comes with original hard case 
      Not looking to trade but will be happy to listen to offers
      Price does not include shipping, I will only ship fully insured or can be collected locally

    • By Joebethell
      I'm really not sure about doing this and I'm sure I will regret doing so but I'm not really playing and the bass is to good to be sitting around. 
      This is an unusual Yamaha it was made and used as demo bass at trade shows sent to pros to develop the 2024x high end  bass series I belive it's one of four and possibly the only one that has been sold. 
      I found it in PMT birmingham fell in love with the sound and feel of the bass it is a one off and one of the best I have owned. It does.have some differences to the production basses and I have tracked some of the history from forums etc but it could still be looked into further and I also have an email from Yamaha which states it is a prototype. 
      It has aged really nicely with some marks crazing and general play wear but is all the better for it. 
      Comes with the original yamaha hard case. 
      Any questions feel free to ask.
      Should add im interested in a small home setup as I'm selling my large amp/cab also so would consider part trades for a head like ctm 30,little bastard,pt50 and 1x10 like barefaced maybe a small 1x12. 

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