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Darkglass B3K (Latest Version)
Leamington Spa

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Sobering moment for me! After about 9 years or so, I’m finally accepting that I don’t need a B3K/B7K anymore, so I’m selling my B3K.

You know what it is, latest version, spent life on board I’m great condition with box.  £160 shipped, firm.


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    • By HarryWS
      Regrettably selling my Darkglass stack.
      the head is in good nick and comes with the intelligent footswitch, the cab has some nicks and scuffs in the tolex but is in otherwise perfect condition. (More photos to come later)
      the head is 900W RMS so could level a small building, the cab is 1000w rated and could too, level a small building. The microtubes engine has a couple of Darkglass pedals built in, the vintage and the b7k or something I believe - honestly I’m gonna buy the pedals because it’s my favourite overdrive sound on bass - it sounds incredible.
      It sounds the nuts and I don’t really want to sell it so I’m not too bothered if there’s no interest, I’ve just started studying again and could do with the cash and space.
      The only trades I would consider are a Markbass stack (little mark tube head/similar) and a 2x10/2x12 or possibly a musicman stingray.
      I’m in Suffolk, I travel the A14 between the coast and bury st Edmunds frequently so can meet anywhere around there within reason.
      any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

    • By riti
      I'm selling my Darkglass M900 amp, as through shoulder problems I've given up playing bass.
      It's fully working, looks basically as new, and is fully boxed with all original items (except the sticker).
      Bass Direct are very kindly selling it for me (on commission), but this is my amp, not a trade deal.
      Here's the link to the page on their website with all the details.
      They're also selling some pedals for me, but I'll list those in the correct forum.
      Site says UK and EU shipping, but pretty sure they'll ship international. Contact them directly to be sure it'll work for where you are.

    • By Markhbass
      Price drop £125 inc. postage.
      Darkglass Electronics Vintage Microtubes
      Fantastic pedal for getting an old school rock bass sound, or the Motown/Jamerson sound.
      I've recently bought a tube preamp, so I don't need this anymore.
      Good condition, boxed - £140 including postage to UK.
      No Trades thanks.
    • By Higgie
      Bought from Bearfist on here 2 days ago, it arrived this morning. Its an excellent pedal, with some great features and cool tones to be had. Unfortunately just not for me. It’s in immaculate ‘shop’ condition - you literally wouldn’t tell the difference between this and a brand new one. Comes with original box, all the case bits including manual, pedal feet etc. 
      Looking to recoup what I paid just two days ago. £165 incl postage.
      (Here’s the original thread for proof): 
    • By Wolverinebass
      So, I recently acquired a Darkglass X ultra for my studio. I'm using my Tech 21 Dug Pedal in one of my bands. 
      I'm sure some people I'm sure will be interested in the comparison? I sat down the other day with my Rick 4003 and set to work.
      Firstly, both pedals are brilliant. There is no denying that. Now, let's get down to the meat. The Dug is obviously based on achieving his own tone. Now, not everyone wants that. I don't. However, despite it having a fixed crossover it's amazingly versatile and even at more extreme gain settings is still musical. Now for the downside. The mid scoop. It's there where the problem lies with this. Even with fiddling you can't get it back as the pedal eq just isn't voiced that way. Most of the time this isn't a problem though. The clean tone is a bit so-so and it's impossible to switch from clean to dirty with settings that are workable for either.
      This then brings me to the Darkglass. It has both a filter for the lows to keep them clean and one for how much frequency wise of the signal gets distorted. Sharp bite to brutal fuzz is possible. The 7 band eq is great as well, so a clean tone is easy enough to achieve. This brings me on to the distortion. It has a different character than the Dug. The only way I could describe it is "Darkglass." It's just what it is. So, can you get the same sounds out of each? Yes, but it takes some effort.
      At harsher settings the Darkglass fizzes a bit and at higher low end settings the bass turns a bit mushy in my view. However, unless you're mental, you're not going to do that.
      So which is better? Depends on your point of view. The Dug is £150 cheaper give or take. But it's less flexible. The Darkglass has more things to get used to, but is much more agile to change on the fly. Is that worth the price difference? Depends.
      On a personal note, I'd use the Dug live as I know it better. However, I feel that more can be wrung out of the X ultra if you choose to try to. The fact  it has switchable cab emulation is another bonus. Maybe the inherent "Darkglassness" of it might put people off, but in many ways it's better than the Dug. Possibly, the Dug has a more musical distortion, but that is a very personal choice for the player. I'm a Tech 21 person for life, but always like trying new stuff. 
      Take your pick. I doubt either would disappoint anyone.
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