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Darkglass B3K (Latest Version)
Leamington Spa

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Sobering moment for me! After about 9 years or so, I’m finally accepting that I don’t need a B3K/B7K anymore, so I’m selling my B3K.

You know what it is, latest version, spent life on board I’m great condition with box.  £160 shipped, firm.


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    • By sdbrown8177
      A fantastic amplifier - really lightweight and powerful. This amp packs a punch (900w @ 4 ohms) and sounds really great either running your bass clean or engaging the overdrives which include the well-known 'Vintage Microtubes' and the 'B3K'. This amp hasn't been gigged at all so is in excellent condition and comes in original packaging (minus the information booklet). It also includes the intelligent footswitch which allows you to mute the head or switch between the effects.
      Full specs found here: https://www.darkglass.com/microtubes-900/
      Price includes postage to a UK address. Payment via Paypal or Monzo. Thanks!

    • By daveybass
      Bought this recently but it's not for me..more of a fuzz guy
      Boxed and working great, may trade for a Phaser/trade up
      Price includes postage in the UK..

    • By adamg67
      Now Sold
      I've ended up with too many pedals, again! So, for sale is my Darkglass Super Symmetry Compressor, they are discontinued now but all the details are still on the Darkglass site: https://www.darkglass.com/creations/super-symmetry/ and there are plenty of reviews out there. Boxed and in very good condition, not a mark on it that I can see. It's got velcro on the base.
      Lots of control and cool blue LEDs with the usual Darkglass build quality.
      The photos don't quite show the colour properly, it's slightly more of a nickel colour than straight silver, I've noticed that with other pictures of these. The DG site shows it a bit better but not perfectly.
      Not looking for any trades thanks.
      Now down to £145 including tracked postage. Don't think I've ever seen one for less than £150.

    • By tonyclaret
      Hi, moving few pedals on, all in excellent condition. Price includes postage to UK address.
      Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter - includes original box and power adapter. Lots of great envelope/filter options here.  £95 Now £85 posted
      Any questions, please ask. 
      Cheers Tony

    • By woodyratm
      Hey folks, 
      I've decided to break apart my board and go the Helix route (stomp or LT most likely.)
      So got some things to sell to attempt to fund the purchase. I've ordered boxes which should arrive on Saturday (most of the boxes were disposed of as i had achieved tonal nirvana... but I've left that band now - so new sounds wanted!). 
      Boss ES-8 - Great tool to stop the tapdancing, I used it as the control centre of my board. All midi and pedals all controlled. -  £380 
      Darkglass B7K (v2) - I don't think i need to say anything about this. Great pedal. £200
      Darkglass Duality - A very good and versatile fuzz. Built to take a beating (this one hasn't - it's been hiding on my board since new). - £130
      Shipping will be about £5 for smaller things, £10 for the ES8 and FI. I think. 
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