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SOLD Orange OB1-500 + Pedal


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PRICE DROP TO £475 £375



Looking to sell as I’ve moved to an Axe Fx. This is a surprisingly versatile, all analogue bass head and gets that great bi-amping sound by splitting your signal chain into a clean and dirty signal before heading into the EQ section. The mix knob allows your to dial in the desired amount of grit. One nice part about the dirty signal path is that it only distorts higher frequencies so you don’t get an unlistenable mess clogging up your low end, so you can get a good overdriven but tight sound. 

It’s a really cool bass head and I’ve enjoyed playing with it. It’s been to practices but hasn’t been gigged, and is in a gator hardcase so it's in great condition. The Gator 2U hardcase and foot pedal are included (this switches your blend on and off). Will also include the feet for the head should you want to unrack it. I have owned this from new, and bought it from GAK.


  • 500 watt class A/B
  • Speakon outs, 1/4″ line output, balanced output with ground lift switch
  • Minimum 4ohm
  • 10.1kg (outside of gator case)

Posting this will be fairly expensive and I’ve had bad experiences with damage to heads in the past, so I would prefer a meet. However, I'm happy to ship it at buyers expense/risk if preferred. Live in London though am regularly around Kent, Oxford and Somerset way. 

Also selling a matching OCB212 cab so willing to do a deal for both, happy to answer questions as best as I can!

Info from Orange: https://tinyurl.com/yyxjngmo







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