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Thunderbird shipping box

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Shipping box from an Epiphone Thunderbird. I sold the bass long ago so if you are selling a Tbird and need to post this is ideal.

Strictly collection in person only from London N21


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    • By howdenspur
      Some "asset restructuring" going on at Howdenspur Towers...I have for sale a Gibson Thunderbird in Vintage Sunburst and dating from 2010. Bought this from DaytonaRik of this very parish and it's a beaut. It is in generally good condition, it has a couple of chips in the finish around the mid strap button and where the wings meet the neck with a several other lesser dings which I've tried to capture in the photos. Nothing serious, just cosmetic. It weighs a mere 3.9kg or 8.6lbs and comes with the original plush hard case. No neck dive here I'm pleased to say!
      I'd prefer not to post this, but happy to have buyer collect (with the lure of drinks, biscuits and maybe even cake) or can meet up somewhere convenient. I live just off J37 of the M62 and work in York.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By ratman
      FOR SALE - Epiphone Dot 335 Sunburst with Lollar Imperial humbuckers, immaculate hard case and locking tuners for only £50 more than the the price of the pickups alone.

      The guitar was built in the Samick Plant, Korea in July 2001, before production was moved to Indonesia and China. This guitar has since been upgraded to an incredibly high spec. With the Lollar Imperials it sounds as good as any 335 out there, and the addition of the Sperzel locking tuners ensures no drifting in pitch. All in all, a professional quality instrument at the fraction of the cost of a Gibson.

      Auditions are welcome. Collection preferred.

      Epiphone 335 dot sunburst £290
      Set of locking Sperzel tuners £ 80
      Epiphone Hard Case £100
      Lollar Imperial PU's set £330
      TOTAL COST £800

    • By Stephen Houghton
      Hi here is my Gibson Grabber G3, its all original and has been well used over the years, it has battle scars and loads of mojo, the original case is very battered and has various tears and repairs and both have been around the world a few times, but this only adds to its beauty in my opinion. It plays and sounds fantastic, as far as I know the truss rod is fine (I have never needed to adjust it as its setup perfect), the only thing that aren't original are three of the string supports at the bridge (originals come with it but they have had nail varnish poured on them to lock the allen grub screws in place, why I know not? I haven't tried to get them out but it shouldn't be too hard for a luthier or engineer to free them up). This is the earliest one made with the original see through pickup covers.

      I am OPEN TO CASH OFFERS MAY TAKE A GOOD USA P BASS AS A TRADE, these are on eBay and reverb between £1550 and £1700 so I am hoping this is a fair price for an original 1975 Gibson G3. Pickup preferred as I don't want to courier, UK only and will meet half way within hundred miles.

      Blurb below,
      The Gibson G-3 bass, or Grabber 3 bass, was launched in 1975, first shown alongside the Grabber at the 1975 NAMM show where it was very well received, with significant orders placed. They were initially referred to by Gibson as V-series basses, most likely because of the Flying V style headstock.
      The G-3 was based on the Grabber, the main difference being the pickup configuration. The G3 features three single coil pickups wired in humbucking configuration, whilst the Grabber, had one 'sliding' humbucker. Both were the product of guitar designer Bill Lawrence who joined Gibson in the early 1970s. and produced a number of similar guitar models at the same time, such as the Marauder, L-6S and S-1.
      The G3 features three single coil pickups wired in humbucking configuration. The pickups were designed by Bill Lawrence. The pickup selector works as follows: Forward position activates the front and middle pickups in humbucking configuration. The back position activates the middle and back pickup in the same manner. The middle position activates all three pickups for what Gibson coined a "buck-and-a-half".

    • By silverfoxnik
      Bass is on now SOLD. 
      Hi Folks
      Here for sale is my 2004 USA made Gibson Thunderbird Bass Guitar & original Gibson Case which is in excellent condition and very good working order. I'm looking for £735 or very near offer for this classic bass. See attached pictures for more detail about condition.
      I bought this second-hand, 2 years ago, specifically for using with my last band, which covered a lot of classic rock tunes - anything from AC/DC to Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters - and it was just perfect for it! Plugged in, this is 'super thumpy' and powerful sounding - much more so in fact than the T-Bird Custom that I had for a while that @Billy Apple had made with the '66 Thunderbucker pick ups in it (though that was a great bass too)..
      Having said that, I've also used this bass in a different band setting playing more groove based, funky stuff, and it was great in that too...just change the balance between the two pick ups, and away you go - it's as funky and punchy as hell! It's also nice and lightweight and very comfortable to play - great for long gigs in fact
      Designed and built in the USA in 2004, it's a neck-through design with Gibson hardware and electronics and IMO, is very well made .. Have to say that I've read and heard a lot about the bridge design on these being a bit underwhelming, so much so that changing the bridge and tail piece improves tone and sustain etc..   but that's not been my experience of it to be honest - this has more than enough sustain and tone for any kind of music!
      Here's a link to some blurb for the new models: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAKUC232/Thunderbird-Bass
      As to why I'm selling, the band I mentioned above folded last December and as a result, this lovely T-Bird is not getting any use at all, so I feel it's best to move it on.
      So, here are some links to Talkbass and YouTube for further info and a chance to hear these in action. 
      In terms of price and making a deal, this bass owes my about £750 and new they're about £1800, so I hope I've got the price set at a reasonably fair level. I'll also throw in a T-Bird gig bag that I bought especially for this from Thomman which cost me an addition £27 including postage. (See here: https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_gigbag1_bass_heavy.htm)
      On that point, I would be prepared to courier this at buyer's expense if absolutely necessary, but would much rather it was collected in person - either here in Littlehampton, West Sussex where tea & biccies are in ample supply - or at a mutually convenient rendezvous point.. 
      Any other questions, please ask away here or send me a PM. Oh, and just to say please check out my feedback here:
      Thanks for looking!

    • By mcnach
      I never even played one before...
      But I'm finding myself wanting a white one really badly, and go out and "rawk"...
      I blame Pete Way. 
      Please tell me they are terrible and I shouldn't bother! 😄
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