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A bit of a feeler here since some musical projects are coming along that really makes the 5 string something that won't be used. If nothing comes along I'm keeping it since, out of 5 Stingrays that I've owned, this is by far the best one.

Music Man Stingray (built in March 1991 - email from Music Man after giving them the serial number).
Wonderful birds eye maple on the board.
Honey burst color.

In excellent condition, hard case included.

Incredible Low B, sounds like a Music Man should.

The condition is 9/10 since some bumps are present here and there (hard to notice and can picture them on request).

Trades possible:

- Music Man Stingray ONLY 4 strings. ONLY from (let's say) 1985 to 1995. No '00 please since I had a hard time "finding the sound that I want" on this ones. Maple neck is absolutely a winner but might consider rosewood too.

- Music Man Stingray classic, ONLY 4 string and ONLY maple neck

- Would consider also a good ash/maple jazz type bass 5 string (think Fender Jazz American Deluxe, Elite,...)

Price, since being put as a trade and it's referred to the value I give to this instrument, IS NOT negotiable. Might consider some cash addition for the "right one".

Shipping at buyers cost or we will arrange.

As said as long as something nice comes along we can discuss. Please no other trades and also I'm not willing to sell it since it's really a nice sounding bass in excellent condition.

 Thanks for looking







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