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Stageclix digital wireless system

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Selling my stake clix wireless, it’s in fab condition and works faultlessly.  

Pretty expensive to buy new £350-400ish so grab a bargain. Included the plastic hard carry case.


There have been wireless systems for guitar and bass guitar for many years now.  With a few (extremely expensive) exceptions, they have all been analogue systems, and this type of system has a couple of distinct disadvantages. 

The first is that they all employ a piece of circuitry called a 'compander' (short for compressor/expander) to squash up your signal before transmission so that it will fit in the VHF or UHF band, and then expand it back again at the receiver end to try and get near what it sounded like originally.  As with 300dpi to 72dpi photo's, or wav to mp3's, once you remove information to reduce the file size, you can't get it back. 

And the second is bandwidth.  Even the more expensive models roll off the bass at around 60Hz (bottom E on a bass guitar is 44Hz; and if you've a bottom B string, that's about 31Hz).  So, much of that big fat bottom end you have worked hard to get doesn't even make it to the input socket of the amp!  And they roll off at the top end around 14-15kHz, so the subtle, higher end harmonics and sheen are discarded, too. 

Now of course some of that top and bottom end gets through, albeit considerably attenuated, and the brain tries to psycoacoustically make up for what is missing.  But really, wouldn't it be better to have an un-tampered-with, full range signal to start with? 

Lose Nothing

Enter the stageClix Digital Wireless System.  Firstly, because it is digital, there is no commander because there is no need for one.  And secondly, the bandwidth is 20Hz to 20kHz, ±1dB (that's CD quality). 

The system uses a frequency of 5.8 GHz, which is available worldwide and a mile away from 6 trillion mobile phones etc, etc. that

Compact, powerful and light

The stageClix Jack system consists of a jack plug transmitter, with the jack itself on an articulated knuckle so that, when plugged in, the transmitter body can be turned flush to the guitar. This adds little to the weight of the guitar, less than most cables, and frees you up to leap, dive and swing around the stage at will. 

Lithium powered

This transmitter has a Lithium-polymer battery with 6 hours per charge, and faster charging ratio of 1:10 (i.e. 10 mins of charge gives 100 minutes of playing). The materials used for both the transmitter and receiver casings have been carefully selected and tested, and have proven to be "roadproof". The shell of the transmitter is manufactured from indestructible polycarbonate (also used to make safety goggles). The power supply is a standard ‘USB’ type with 2A capability for fast charging. The receiver is housed in a robust metal case, designed to stand up to all the abuse stage gear takes.

Zero Dropout, Plug and play

The system uses a patented transmitting technique which stageClix calls 'triple-diversity'.  By using three channels at the same time there's practically zero chance of dropout or interference.  Compare this with hopping from one single channel to another after interference sets in.  It's also really easy to use, there is no menu to navigate, nor an installation procedure.  Plug into the guitar, switch on, and play!

The transmitter has been designed to fit virtually all makes of bass guitars and guitars, and there's no beltpack needed.  A nice touch is when you withdraw the transmitter from the charger/receiver, it is automatically switched off to prevent a possible thump as you plug it into your instrument.

And the whole package comes in a quality moulded briefcase with an interior foam cut-out for protection, convenience and speedy setup. With a user guide in properly written English!

Features and Specifications:

  • No audible delay (less than 2.5 milliseconds), an end to latency problems.
  • CD quality from 24 bit digital converters (no compander), frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB.
  • Extremely quiet - signal to noise ratio typically 97dB.
  • Small, light and strong - transmitter is about the size of a lighter, housed in a polycarbonate case.
  • Uses rechargeable batteries, which are (quickly) recharged when the transmitter is plugged into the receiver.  Cheaper to run, and greener.
  • Stompbox sized receiver in a rugged metal housing.  No fiddly menus - true plug'n'play.
  • Long Battery Life - 15 hours non-stop playing. Fast charging: 1 hour charge = 4 hours playing.
  • Flexible and practical - 12 stageClix transmitters can be used simultaneously in one venue without interference.
  • 60 metres range (line of sight), approx. 300 feet.  Transmitter weight: 68 grammes, including batteries.




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