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Need a Hartke 15” Driver Help?

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Hi guys,

I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to get a replacement driver for my Hartke 215 XL cab in the UK.

I viewed a rig yesterday- Ha3000, 4.5xl cab and this 215xl cab.
The guy selling it had not played it for a while and one of the 15” drivers in the 215xl was obviously faulty as it was crackling and distorted. The other sounded fine and the head and 4.5xl is fine so can discount the problem being with them.
I bought the head and 4.5xl at a discounted rate and guy gave me the 215xl for free as it was just taking up space.
I’d love to replace to cone with a Hartke one.

Anyone had a similar situation in the last year or so and what did you do?

I will go down the double re-coning route if I can’t get a replacement


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Thanks Bill, didn’t know they had one.

I’ve already sent an email to Hal Leonard their UK distributor.

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