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  1. Have now had single email from Hal Leonard Europe saying they will contact their sales dept to find out why this order is taking longer than quoted. this was two weeks ago....how big must their offices be!!!!!!!????? Next stop Larry directly!
  2. The gate is a little limited with being a single knob. I found that it was cutting off sustained tones too early. It’s good basically to kill the sound when your not playing at all but lacks to controls to do much mid song. I therefore have it backed off quite a bit. The compressor is much better as a one dial solution. I have it on fairly high, turned all the way clockwise nearly. This is partly because I play metal but also because I’m a relative beginner and my fingers are still in their infancy regarding controlling the nuances playing dynamically!!!
  3. That’s brilliant!! i did use Hartke’s FB messenger to send a message and about a day later I got a courtesy email yesterday from Hal Leonard Europe apologising for it taking longer than initially quoted and they’d get onto the sales team to find out what is happening. (No apology for not emailing me back!!) i took to opportunity to explain that I don’t mind if they tell me it’s going to take a bit longer......as long as they tell me!!! ill give it another week or so and if I get no more contact I’ll get onto Larry.
  4. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone here has dealt with the UK Hartke Distributors Hal Leonard? im trying to get a replacement 15” driver for a 215XL. Initially it took a while and a few phone calls and emails to get through to the service dept, then another couple of weeks to check parts and price in the US, then I was able to place an order and was told it would be 4-6 weeks. Its now been 8 weeks and no-one is answering my emails. ive tried contacting Samson US but getting nowhere- it’s not very inspiring considering this is my first bass rig, it’s old and I’d be in a position to upgrade to a newer one should the bands gigging schedule increase. At the moment I’m not inclined to look at Hartke purely on the service side of things should there ever be a problem. Please can someone put me right and say wonderful things about the UK distribution and how they’ll get it sorted in the end!!!!!!.....
  5. Ok update- got the Battalion and as the seller advertised it was mint condition. i had watched a couple of YouTube reviews and dialled in the same settings as the the sound I most preferred and there it was- just as I wanted it coming out of my rig!! ive always been weary of using gear to make you sound better- I had a H&K guitar rig with midi board and boss GT6 when I played guitar and I couldn’t get any better sound than if I had a line6 combo!! i was worried that my Hartke rig with my SR500 just sounded flat, ordinary, no pazazz!! I was worried it was just how I play!!! this however is different- the compressor was a big part of what I was missing. Add to this a little touch of growl from the distortion and the fact you can split the signal so the dry bass sound has the EQ and the distortion just gets added later and bam I instantly sounded better, more professional and more importantly, how I wanted to sound.
  6. Forget the UK Distributor Hal Leonard, I’ve been waiting seven weeks for a speaker driver and and it seems take two emails for every one answered by them!! ive been told it’s on order and should take 3-4 weeks. It’s now 7 weeks and I’m not getting any email responses. Thomann seems to carry spare parts. Sadly not the driver I need!
  7. Ok Dannybuoy thanks for all the advice but the Battalion won!! In the end it was the price (got a next to new one for £90), the fact it had just the fx I was after no more, no less (gate, comp, dist and eq), and after reading around including a piece by yourself that highlighted the usefulness of a DI out (esp when you’ve got an older amp head like mine, should your rig die on stage!! ive listened to a lot of YouTube reviews and everyone seem to be able to dial in the sound I’m after. i did try it in the shop I always feel rushed so video reviews are great!! ill let you know after rehearsal a week on Sunday if I’ve done the right thing!!!
  8. Thanks dannybuoy, I'm not envisaging that I'll need all that many effects- I have switched from playing guitar and am rather enjoying not having to mess with multiple fx!! The Zoom B3n does look an interesting unit esp. as you mentioned the Darkglass emulations- Are you in a position having had both to say how good the emulation is? Basically I'd like simple setup consisting of a distortion, preamp and possibly a compressor. This is why the Battalion looks interesting. I play metal/death metal and have a Hartke HA 3000 and 4.5XL & 2x15 so don't need amp/cab simulation. - Like the Alex Webster setup- a Bassbone into a B3K and then a Radial DI to split the Pre B3k from the distorted signal. Sadly this set up would be in excess of £500!!
  9. Hi you jolly helpful lot!! Im after something essentially to add distortion and compression to my sound. i currently have the option to buy either the Boss Me20b at a low 2nd hand price or save a little more for the Electro Harmonix Battalion. I’m after people’s opinion on the compression and overdrive facilities of the Boss compared to the ehx. I’ve not got the facility to try both at the same time to compare. Before anyone suggests- yes I’d prefer a Darkglass B3k and additional compressor but funds don’t stretch!! thanks!!
  10. Thanks guys, I’m going with the last option- fix up the 2x15 and try them both out and keep the one I prefer!! ive seen a few Hartke users with the 4.5 cab and the 115xl underneath- I could always sell the 2x15 cab to fund a 1x15 (the 115xl is 8 ohms so works perfectly with the head)!! thanks all!!
  11. Thanks guys- I’m a relative newbie to bass- this is the first gigging/ serious rehearsal rig I’ve bought. Im old enough not to be out to impress with my gear just interested in getting the best possible sound. my band tune to C, it’s a three piece Death Metal band so I need to be heard to support the single guitar. I’m finding the 4.5xl a little nasally sounding but I got to admit I have not had much chance to play with the eq. (I’ve not bought any pedals/preamps yet). This is why I thought the addition of a 15” or 2 would help!! Anybody out there playing similar music? What do you use both gear and EQ wise. The EQ on the SR500 is quite powerful so could that be the issue? much appreciated guys for all suggestions!!
  12. So far the consensus seems to be keep either the 4.5xl or the fixed 215xl not use both and sell the other!! Any other suggestions- starting to look like fix up the 215xl and sell to fund a 115xl is the best option. Even if I upgrade the head it still won’t run both cabs!!
  13. A couple of months ago I bought a Hartke HA3500 complete with a 4.5XL and 215XL cabs. The previous owner used the two cabs with the one head for some reasonable sized gigs (also DI’d into PA to give you an idea). I’ve not used the two cabs together (not needed the 215XL as only in rehearsal situation at the moment, looking to gig in the next month or two). I’ve since learned that the 215XL is 4ohms and the 4.5XL is 8ohms so together to total impedance of 2.66ohms 😲😲, the amp is only rated down to 4! Any suggestions what to do next?- The 215XL also has a faulty 15” driver- (He gave me that cab free when we found the fault). I’ve got a replacement on order. Im guessing the advice would be to not use the two together BUT if anyone can offer any wisdom it’ll be much appreciated. Having played the 4.5xl on its own it feels like it’s missing some low end grunt (I play metal and use a SR500 bass). Is there anyway to rewire the 215xl to become 8 Ohms? They are individually 8 ohm speakers. However they are only rated as 200 watt apiece so I’m guessing just using one driver and disconnecting the other is not possible? if I wired them in series with each other then wouldn’t that be 8 + 8 = 16 ohm? then add the 4.5 cab (16x8) / (16+8) = 5.3 ohms safe ohmage for the head? Watt(!!) would the amp be delivering power wise (it’s 300W @ 4 ohm). Maybe just sell the 215xl when mended (after trying it for myself obviously!!) and use the money to put towards a 115xl? Any suggestions welcome!!
  14. Cheers- but mine is weird- it’s still giving out a bass tone but with loads of distortion!!
  15. Death Metal!! \m/ lots of fast picking and Alex Webster style riffs!
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