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  1. A couple of months ago I bought a Hartke HA3500 complete with a 4.5XL and 215XL cabs. The previous owner used the two cabs with the one head for some reasonable sized gigs (also DI’d into PA to give you an idea). I’ve not used the two cabs together (not needed the 215XL as only in rehearsal situation at the moment, looking to gig in the next month or two). I’ve since learned that the 215XL is 4ohms and the 4.5XL is 8ohms so together to total impedance of 2.66ohms 😲😲, the amp is only rated down to 4! Any suggestions what to do next?- The 215XL also has a faulty 15” driver- (He gave me that cab free when we found the fault). I’ve got a replacement on order. Im guessing the advice would be to not use the two together BUT if anyone can offer any wisdom it’ll be much appreciated. Having played the 4.5xl on its own it feels like it’s missing some low end grunt (I play metal and use a SR500 bass). Is there anyway to rewire the 215xl to become 8 Ohms? They are individually 8 ohm speakers. However they are only rated as 200 watt apiece so I’m guessing just using one driver and disconnecting the other is not possible? if I wired them in series with each other then wouldn’t that be 8 + 8 = 16 ohm? then add the 4.5 cab (16x8) / (16+8) = 5.3 ohms safe ohmage for the head? Watt(!!) would the amp be delivering power wise (it’s 300W @ 4 ohm). Maybe just sell the 215xl when mended (after trying it for myself obviously!!) and use the money to put towards a 115xl? Any suggestions welcome!!
  2. Cheers- but mine is weird- it’s still giving out a bass tone but with loads of distortion!!
  3. Death Metal!! \m/ lots of fast picking and Alex Webster style riffs!
  4. Just a Sound Gear GSR205. its relatively simple but seems to be one of the better ones- intonation & tuning is stable, string height good without buzz, plenty of different tones in the active eq. ill probably upgrade to an SR500 or SR505 in the future. (Unless I see one of the LTD F- basses come up!!) The 215xl would be good but one of the drivers is rattling like hell. Trying to source a new one.
  5. Did you get anywhere with this- I have the same problem with 1 driver from a 215XL cab.
  6. Thanks Bill, didn’t know they had one. I’ve already sent an email to Hal Leonard their UK distributor.
  7. Hi guys, I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to get a replacement driver for my Hartke 215 XL cab in the UK. I viewed a rig yesterday- Ha3000, 4.5xl cab and this 215xl cab. The guy selling it had not played it for a while and one of the 15” drivers in the 215xl was obviously faulty as it was crackling and distorted. The other sounded fine and the head and 4.5xl is fine so can discount the problem being with them. I bought the head and 4.5xl at a discounted rate and guy gave me the 215xl for free as it was just taking up space. I’d love to replace to cone with a Hartke one. Anyone had a similar situation in the last year or so and what did you do? I will go down the double re-coning route if I can’t get a replacement Thanks
  8. Hi all, just joined but used basschat as a guest for months. Have been playing guitar for years but with a bass in the background. Recently decided to properly switch and joined a new band. Wished I’d been playing bass all along- it feels so much more natural than guitar!! I play an Ibanez 5 string and just acquired a Hartke ha3000 Head 4.5 410 cab and 215 cab.
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