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Deps that let you down

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1 hour ago, chris_b said:

It looks like we are at opposite ends of the spectrum then.

I can't understand sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs, when you could be gigging, just because one of the band might go on holiday!

I also don't understand this all or nothing approach when it comes to band members. If these guys are the only ones you can comfortably play with then your band needs to work on improving their confidence, flexibility and musical ability.

I did state we play for pleasure and don’t do it for a living, two gigs per month are what we are all happy with, any more and it almost becomes a job and we all have other things going on in our lives.

I think your comments in paragraph three are a bit out of order, we have confidence, flexibility and certainly musical ability through many years of playing live in various bands, we rehearse regularly to ensure we are as tight as can be when we go out and perform.

Our guitarist is known as one of the better ones in our area and actually is in high demand for a lot of depping work, which he does a fair bit of.

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