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TJ Spicer

Professional Bass Tutor (South of England, Electric, Upright, Music Theory)

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Bass Lessons from a Professional Regularly Gigging Session Bass Player

- Bass Guitar Lessons

- Extended Range Bass (5+ String bass) and associated techniques

- Fretless Bass

- Jazz Double Bass w/ Basic Arco Technique

- Music Theory Lessons



- BA(Hons) Music

- MA Sound Arts

- Grade 8 Vocalist


- Tailor-made lessons for each student

- Any preferred genre of study welcome

- All ability levels

- Any age

Lessons available:

- At my studio

- Your Home

- Online via Skype etc.

My name's Tyler and I'm a professional musician based in the South of the UK. My passion *is* the bass guitar, and I'm now offering lessons more broadly, having moved back from my masters study at university. I have vast experience as a bassist at some of the biggest venues and recording studios in the country and with artists in genres ranging from rock and pop to jazz, funk, soul and latin. This includes my own composition and music as an independent artist.

My teaching focuses around the practical application of musical information in order to make learning simple. Too often during my own studies I was 'told' what something was, or what it did, but it made no sense to me until I could apply it to my instrument, see it visualised on the fretboard, and hear how it worked. My teaching aims to avoid such instances, and save time for my students, ensuring their progress on the bass is as simple and efficient as it can be.

My aim is to supplement my students' own study and help them on their journey with the instrument. In practice this means encouraging those things that they enjoy, whilst helping them with the technical aspects of the instrument - no 'shoe-horning' things in, if you have no interest in studying it.

My lessons will have a strong focus on technique which will allow you to tackle any challenge on the instrument without difficulty, whilst preventing playing induced injury.

I am very comfortable teaching extended range bass, and the techniques associated with them. This includes the application of chordal harmony on the bass, tapping etc.

I have a wide range of teaching materials across genres and I am currently putting together concepts with a plan to create my own bass teaching method book.

I am comfortable teaching music theory, having specialised in jazz and contemporary music theory during my university study. This can be included in your lessons if a greater understanding is desired, but I also teach independent music theory lessons.

Ultimately, my lessons aim to give you all the tools and techniques to enjoy a successful, lasting relationship with the bass, be that as a professional or as a hobbyist.

Don’t hesitate to enquire if you have any questions! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you, and joining you on your journey with the instrument.


E: [email protected]



Bassist and Music Tutor w: Contact.jpg

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