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Cort Curbow 5 Trade or Sell *pictures added*

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Hi All,


so up for the chop is my Cort Curbow 5 in the unusually named 'mystic orange' finish. 

It's in very good condition save for a few marks on one of the tuner housings and the little tab on the battery compartment that has come off but   this still works as it should. Squinting at it from across the room is not getting me any closer to remembering how old it is but I'm reckoning ive had it for about 10 years.

I've seen before that these can be pretty tricky to shift which is a shame because if I'm honest I think they're great instruments and I'm a big fan of the sound and the design, I just don't really play the 5's anymore (which whilst I remember in this case is E - C).


Tradewise I've no idea really and am open to any and all suggestions but I'm definitely looking for 4 strings. My main bass is a p with flats so any contrasting vibes to this are welcomed. I'm also a fan of the more unusual designs, and in the unlikely eventuality that there is someone packing an unwanted yamaha samurai bass who is in the market for a very-much-orange 5 string cort curbow I would happily trade+cash in an astonishing alignment of the stars. Lined fretlesses also.


feel free to fire any questions you might have my way, I have relatively solid general knowledge but am poor in the sport rounds,







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I'm very tempted, you either love em or hate em, I played one a few years back I really liked it, I'm away from Tuesday but if it's about in a couple of wks, I'll be back, in the words of arnie throatlonzenger or what ever his name is. 

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