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  1. Hi All, I've got a couple of bits here for sale or trade, mostly trade actually as I'd probably look to replace with similar things but I'm happy either way. Anyway, both are in excellent condition just used about the house, maybe a tiny mark here and there, although without box. TC Flashback: £110 I recently bought a Keeley Caverns from one of the esteemed members in these parts and the TC has seen little use since. In terms of trade I'd quite like a dedicated looper as that's what I've been using the flashback for. Boss RC3, EHX 720, something like that with a bit of range in the functionality but smallish footprint. If required I'm sure we could balance the scales with cash either way depending. MXR Blowtorch: £65 I always wanted to like it but could never really find a place for it with my playing, nonetheless it sounds awesome. Tradewise 'm a big fan of MXR and Way Huge and would be interested in all manner of Russian style fuzzes although give us a shout with anything, who knows. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Dan
  2. Haha yeah it's a bit of a niche interest choice. Cheers mate, have a good one!
  3. Bristol and a couple of weekends a month North-West London
  4. Hi All, so up for the chop is my Cort Curbow 5 in the unusually named 'mystic orange' finish. It's in very good condition save for a few marks on one of the tuner housings and the little tab on the battery compartment that has come off but this still works as it should. Squinting at it from across the room is not getting me any closer to remembering how old it is but I'm reckoning ive had it for about 10 years. I've seen before that these can be pretty tricky to shift which is a shame because if I'm honest I think they're great instruments and I'm a big fan of the sound and the design, I just don't really play the 5's anymore (which whilst I remember in this case is E - C). Tradewise I've no idea really and am open to any and all suggestions but I'm definitely looking for 4 strings. My main bass is a p with flats so any contrasting vibes to this are welcomed. I'm also a fan of the more unusual designs, and in the unlikely eventuality that there is someone packing an unwanted yamaha samurai bass who is in the market for a very-much-orange 5 string cort curbow I would happily trade+cash in an astonishing alignment of the stars. Lined fretlesses also. feel free to fire any questions you might have my way, I have relatively solid general knowledge but am poor in the sport rounds, ta, Dan
  5. Bought an Octamizer from Peter, great communication, sent out quickly and worked perfectly. Deal in confidence, cheers Peter!
  6. Hi All, For sale is the above tascam audio interface. It's cheap as you like but gets the job done, quite a few people I have seen complain of odd crackles and pops here and there but I have never experienced anything whilst using it. It's just sat in the box so I figured someone could use it better for some quick recordings. Official spiel as follows: Provides two audio inputs and two audio outputs for a Windows or Macintosh computer Two XLR mic inputs Switchable phantom power (48 volt) High-quality, low-noise mic preamps Two analog line inputs (one switchable to high impedance for use with guitars, basses, etc.) One MIDI input, one MIDI output USB 2.0 equipped (also supports USB 1.1) Up to 96-kHz/24-bit for high quality recordings Zero-latency hardware monitoring with level control and mono switch Level control for headphones and line output USB-powered, no AC adapter required Solid aluminum side panels Thanks for looking, Dan
  7. I've been using this one called Anyvan where different delivery companies bid for your custom, so far I've got delivery to Sheffield down to £47 which isn't too bad from what it was. Yeah interparcel's the one I tend to normally go through as well, good shout.
  8. Hi Andy, I'm in North West London. I've checked a few courier services, the lowest is about £20 although that had some seriously suspect reviews, otherwise it seems to be around £60. That being said I've never sent an amp before so I could be looking in the wrong places (any suggestions ) and I definitely wouldn't just slap the courier cost on top of the amp price we could definitely come to some sort of deal, cheers.
  9. Hi, selling a lovely amp because I no longer have the space for it, it's about 3 years old and has only ever been used at home. Condition wise it's good it has a small tear in the covering on the top and back/bottom that happened during moving house; nothing major and in the light a light smattering of paint speckles on the top from some over exuberant rollering when redecorating. I've given some close-ups on these in the images for any inspection that needs doing. In terms of selling I'd prefer collection/meet but I'm open to deliveries etc just give me a shout and see if we can work something out. Cheers
  10. Just bought an highway one p-bass from Andy. The bass is exceptional, exactly as advertised and arrived on time and packed to a standard that would prove a challenge for even the most professionally negligent courier to interfere with. Andy's a very friendly guy and a pleasure to talk to. Do not hesitate to deal with this man.
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