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*SOLD PENDING* Genz Benz ShuttleMax 12.2


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Looking at potentially either selling or trading my ShuttleMax 12.2 as the features available on it are way past what I am using at the moment.

The specs on these things are amazing - 2 independent channels (each 375w at 8Ohm, or 600w at 4Ohm) - awesome clean sounds from the FET preamp, and lovely tube tones from Tube preamp.

Specs here;


This one is in 'as new' condition and comes in its original box, complete with the genuine foot pedal.

For a sale, I will include shipping for the asking price of £500.

For a trade, I'd ideally be looking for something that's a bit simpler (I just dont use the 2 channel capabilities or half of the amazing EQ options), but with a decent amount of power at 4Ohm... and at least £200 my way - happy to listen to offers.

Any questions etc, please get in touch.

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