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Used Flats (La Bella, Hotwires)

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Couple of used sets of flats.  All cut for a P bass type headstock.


La Bella Low Tension flats - £20

Bought used (3hr-4hr use from previous seller) and had 5 mins on my P bass.  Just a little TOO low tension for me compared to my usual Elites.  Maybe I need to try the 760FL's?


Status Hotwire - £10 each (two sets available)

Lovely smooth feel with pretty low tension.  These are labled as Medium scale but fit both my P bass and Jack Casady bass perfectly with a good few centimeters clearance of the nut before the silks start.  These are uncut but have been fitted and had a coupoe of hours use.


Prices inc P&P within UK

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