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Cloud guitar

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I had dithered about buying a Cloud guitar when Schecter put a limited run out and missed out on one.
More fool me. He who hesitates is lost.

I saw an advert on Facebook for a Cloud replica from a company called Sunfield in the USA.
The price was reasonable, including case, so I thought I'd have a punt on a purple one.
When the tracking information came through, it showed it was coming from China, so I prepared myself for the worst.
Chinese guitars can be either good or horrid.

The tracking info showed it was on the way to the airport, but nothing else, but it arrived here in the UK fairly quickly.
It came extremely well packaged but not in a case, so I am in the process of chasing them about that.

The guitar:
Well, it looks absolutely superb. The action was quite high, so I took it down. The strings choked on the top frets if I did string bends. Bah.
So it went into Jack's Instrument Services in Manchester and they have made it into a pretty good guitar.

New posts for the bridge. Fret leveling. Tweaking the bridge ferrules. Packing under the pickups (No, they are not EMG's). Setup, etc.

After that work, which meant I was without the guitar for a week, I ended up with a pretty spectacular looking and really playable guitar.




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