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For sale:

Madison aged reproduction jazz bass parts,

all in good & working condition,  


- '60 - '61 aged reproduction stacked knob control plate with reproduction caps

New $140 





- Fender aged tuning machines with bushings and screws

New $140




- 60's era aged knurled bass bridge

New $ 46





- Crystal Clear 60's handwound pickups

New $ 190




- Tortoise jazz bass pickguard

I was told this is a real tortoise pickguard




Without the pickguard these parts together were 525 usdollar plus shipping and taxes.

£295 looks like a bargain for all the above. 



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Had a few enquiries for selling the parts seperate, but I prefer selling it all together at once.


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    • By Johnny Wishbone
      Perfect working order, good nick cosmetically.
      Bought for a project I never got round to. Labels on back are just white insulating tape and peel off easily.
      Can provide mounting screws at buyers request.
      Price includes UK postage.

    • By Marky Screen
      Got these to upgrade a bass I no longer have so time to move them on.
      Both in used but alright condition. Screws with QP, the Delano is without them
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      For sale is my Olympic White P bass. It's seen action on several continents and has a few battle scars to prove it.
      It has started to fade to a nice vintage cream.
      Truss rod is smooth, everything works as it should. I bought it new with a white scratch plate and also an additional tort plate at the same time. Currently wearing the white. Frets are good, Schaller strap lock buttons installed. 
      Shod with La Bella flats & will include unused DR Hi Beams too. 
      Soundwise it does the P bass thing. Has a fairly chunky neck. A good working bass!
      No hard case but can include a soft case.
      Sale only, no trades, pick up only. May be able to meet up in central London for exchange of bass/cash/bank transfer!
      Weight is 4.2kg or 9lb 5oz in old money. 

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      For sale set/ pair of Ironstone jazz bass pickups. Alnico V spec. Good used condition. 4 string set. Single coils . Looking for £30 £25

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      Have a 5 string 2007 Rockbass Streamer LX I recently bought to keep my 4 string Vampyre RB company. I also have in my possesion a 5 string 2 piece warwick "3D" bridge. You can see where I am going with this...
      Does anyone have any pointers/diagrams/templates/advice on fitting the 3D in place of the older Fender type high mass? Particularly the depth of rout the bridge and tailpiece sit in? Or (as I am more of a hobbyist) suggest someone in the midlands who could do the routing for me? I have no issues with reparing empty screw holes etc myself but the thought of wrecking the bass by messing up the routing is a bit unnerving..
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