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Posted (edited)

I’m selling my MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz. It’s a cool pedal with two different fuzz circuits plus the added Sub Octave which is great. Comes with box.


price includes uk postage



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Darkglass sold

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Posted (edited)

Can the MXR operate both fuzz and octave independently, or do you need to have fuzz engaged to get the octave? 

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    • By SteveFate
      Line 6 wireless G30 - £100 inc. Delivery to UK.
      Comes with original cable and an upgraded more sturdy cable to plug your instrument into the transmitter. A few weeks after purchase the clip that attaches the transmitter broke off (really common problem very poor design flaw) which prompted me to buy a little pouch to house the transmitter and this attaches nice and handy to your guitar strap, more protection as well. (Inlcuded)  receivers in perfect condition been attached to my pedal board. Power adapter and original box included 
      MXR M80 DI+ - £90 inc. Delivery to UK.
      Fantastic pre-amp pedal. Clean DI have used it both for recording and to send to front of house desk playing live. 3- band EQ (bass,mid,treble) distortion with selectable noise gate, there's a really nice mid-scoop colour pre-set switch that I had permanently on to really beef up the tone. Ground lift and phantom power so you can draw power straight from the mixing desk (saves those 9v batteries) no adapter included always powered this by battery or pedal board source. 

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      Selling off a handful of pedals I just haven't used in a while. I popped all these out and gave them a thorough play through and all are working well.
      EHX Clone Theory
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      £30 posted- not original box.
      Bright Onion ABY style box.
      Had this custom built a few years back so I could play bass and synth without having to change inputs or adjust volumes as well as have dual outs. So this pedal has two inputs, each with separate on/off switches and volume controls. It also has two outputs (so you can use for dual amps etc) and has phase and groundlift switches on the side too, cost me £70 from Bright Onion.
      £40 posted.
      Hardwire TR-7
      Tremolo pedal at heart with a load of other modes on it including 4 trem settings, a rotary and a couple of vibrato settings. Bought second hand off here a few years back.
      £40 posted with original box and bits.
      Fuzzrocious Rat Tail (2nd Dist Mod) SOLD
      A pretty ripping distortion pedal with an extra footswitch and knob for a second distortion setting. Wild and crunchy. The tape is over the led because it's bloody bright. Works well and sounds great, but one or two of the pots get a tad scratchy, but it's nothing obvious. Bought on here a couple years ago... Oh and the lines on the top of the knobs are sharpie, because you can't see where they are without it.
      £75 posted (not original box)
      Darkglass B3K
      Y'all know about this one, great little overdrive pedal, it's in good working condition and sounds grand. I believe this is one of the earlier USA models (number 741 inside). Bought on here a few years ago.
      £90 posted in original box- no bits though.
      Pedals will come in their own box if possible or a different box and well packaged and sent through first class royal mail within the UK. Postage discount for collection around Worthing area.
      No trades at this time... saving up for something fancy. Thanks! Fire away any questions!

    • By JimBobTTD
      It isn’t getting the use it should. 
      Overdrive, EQ, DI. Works perfectly. 
      Made in Finland by Rick. It has had some Velcro on the base at some point  
      Postage is £10. I'll cover postage costs within Europe.
      Bank transfer or Paypal Friends & Family please. 
      £175 NOW £170