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Darkglass Alpha Omega and MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz

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Posted (edited)

We all know how good the DG gear is and this is no exception. 

It’s lived on a board since day one. It just doesn’t really suit my amp. 

I’d be interested in trades. Pike Vulcan, Dr Black Fwonk Beta (or other envelope filters). Maybe even a Strymon Mobius with £ coming from me. 

Comes with box. 



Also I’m selling my MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz. It’s a cool pedal with two different fuzz circuits plus the added Sub Octave which is great. Comes with box.


both prices include uk postage



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Posted (edited)

Can the MXR operate both fuzz and octave independently, or do you need to have fuzz engaged to get the octave? 

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      A recent studio project came to an end recently so no longer have a need for these pedals.
      Darkglass Electronics Vintage Microtubes (immaculate condition with original box and contents; with velcro) - £125
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      Another itch scratched. I wanted to compare this to the Mastotron and, for my needs, I prefer the Mastotron.
      This is in fantastic condition and is a great pedal. It actually goes way beyond the functionality of the Mastotron. It can cop loads of classic fuzz pedal sounds. It can do the tight gated fuzz thing (which is what I want) but it can also do a whole bunch of intermodulation and oscillation effects. Truth be told, as cool as those sounds are, I’m unlikely to use them as I’m mainly using fuzz into envelope filters so any higher partial craziness just gets filtered out so is a bit wasted on me. It does sound pretty damn nasty when run in parallel with an octaver though.
      Price is firm and includes recorded 1st class delivery. I can post same day. 
      Act fast though - I’m playing around with this and it’s growing on me.

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