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Staining padauk facings

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I'm in the middle of restoring an Ibanez K5. It's the original all--natural model with wenge/bubinga neck, mahogany body core and padauk body facings. My thoughts are now on what to do with the body and its finish... 

As padauk apparently does, it's faded over time and the front facing looks fairly dull. I'm wondering whether it would be a cool experiment to try staining it a different colour and then tru oiling.. but padauk doesn't seem like a 'neutral' wood to stain. 

Has anybody tried doing this? I may just get a cheap padauk block with a few stain testers to see how it turns out. I suspect certain colours simply won't work/be visible.

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I may be 6 months too late for this but

Love Padauk  It is quite an oily waxy wood when new and may retain some of these properties so may not stain well

I would go for a fine wire wool ( not Plumbers) rub it back to base and re oil it as you would a neck. Should look great again

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