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Creation Audio Grizzly Bass

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Hardly used as my b3k gives me my more aggressive tone and I've now got a valve amp which gives me overdrive too. I bought it new a month or so ago but I just bought a new bass and need to recoup some funds, so have a few quid off what it would cost you new.


Possibly the best bass overdrive on the market for tubey, amp-like overdrive. I actually have a valve amp now which does overdrive all by itself. This isn't just an overdrive though. See below: 

Grizzly Bass is a different kind of animal created with the pro player in mind. Like a tube pre-amp but without the fragile tubes or heavy transformers. Drawing from the experience and technological advancements of the Holy Fire, MW1 and Funkulator; Grizzly Bass has untouchable studio specs and rugged aesthetics to match. 

Clean Boost - from 0dB to +12dB. 

Overdrive - analog wave shaping tube simulator technology. 

Distortion - Hard edge clipping circuitry. 

Mid-Scoop tone shaping control. 

Hi-Cut filter to shape edges for vintage speaker simulation. 

Pristine Redeemer buffered output. 

Buffered bypass is stock (true bypass is optional) 

Can be used as a DI to plug directly into the line-in of any sound system. 

Uses 9VDC 250mA* standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector. 

Small footprint 3.1" x 4.25". 

Typical distortion relies on ridiculous gain and clunky forced-clipping, which creates unwanted noise. Which in turn needs to be filtered out—and that makes for thin, nasal tone. Ever wonder why pedals intended for guitar don’t work well for bass? This is why. 

But Grizzly Bass borrows proprietary wave-shaping technology from the Holy Fire to achieve tube-like saturation without adding noise or heavy filters—preserving your bass tone all the way down to 20Hz. And it sounds great on guitars too! 

This technology makes Grizzly Bass a very musical pedal that responds to your touch. Softer attack velocity gives you a cleaner sound, but when you dig in, the Grizzly Bass starts to roar. It's so touch-responsive that it's easy to control the saturation with your playing dynamics alone. When you plug directly into a sound system or use a solid-state amp, Grizzly Bass is a great alternative to a bulky, fragile and expensive tube preamp. 

*For best results use the High-Current output of your pedal power brick


Looking for £185 posted in the UK, PayPal gift preferred.



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