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**SOLD** Delano Jazz JMVC 4 FE/M2 pair set of Pickups original box and paperwork

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Set of used Delano Jazz pickups.

These were £200 new from Bass Direct a couple of years ago.

Served me well in an American Jazz. I’m selling the bass so took these pups out.


They sound great, work well etc. The Delano foil logo has started to wear off, as you can see in the pics, but they still function just fine.

Gimme a shout if you’re interested.

Thanks for looking. Call or text if you’d prefer,







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    • By Marc S
      I can't believe I'm doing this, as I'm a fan of the RW series... but I need to thin the herd (I've just got too many).
      FOR SALE ONLY is my superb Fender Roadworn Jazz bass. I believe it's one of the earlier models? please Correct me if I'm wrong... But I played a new one in a shop recently, in rather fetching Fiesta Red, and it didn't feel half as nice as this one.
      Those in the know, will appreciate just how good these basses are. They feel "worn-in" and well played, and look and sound the business. Added to that, I weighed it on some accurate digital scales, and it's around 3.8 - 3.9 Kgs - which is light for a Jazz. Plus, I fitted a Kiogon Stacked control wiring loom and added a Brass earth strip, for that added touch of 60's vibe. I grew to really like the added option of a tone control on each pickup. The price includes the original control plate too - but I'm willing to drop my asking price a bit, if you only want the original control plate.

      Collection only please, I'm in South Wales. I always prefer to let the buyer try before buying, and make sure everyone's happy, and I prefer not to trust couriering expensive instruments.
      I'm happy to meet halfway somewhere - I've got a battery amp, so you can test the bass.
      Absolutely no trades at all (unless you have a Wingbass) - as I say, I need to thin the herd, sadly 

      EDIT: It's currently fitted with Flatwound strings - "Flats on a Jazz?" I hear you say  I can let you have a nearly new set of Rotosound rounds, if that's your preference - I fitted them for a couple of weeks and then tried flats on the bass, and grew to like it that way  

    • By iamtheelvy
      American series bass bridge, circa 1999. Well used but in good condition. Comes with original screws. Three-point screw connection. THIS IS THROUGH-BODY STRINGING ONLY! you cannot string through the rear of the bridge itself.
      £20 delivered.

    • By iamtheelvy
      Fender Jazz Bass pickups out of a ‘99 American Jazz Bass. Well used, but working and sounding great. Only replaced in favour of hum-cancellers.
      £60 delivered.

    • By Marky Screen
      I've gone more old school sounding with my pj config bass so these are up for sale.
      Amazing pickups. Ceramic big pole model.
      They absolutely ooze build quality, when changing them out it was kinda shocking how much better built they were than dimarzios, EMG etc.
      The marketing drivel of being in-between a p-bass and a stingray soundwise seem for once to me to be right on the money. 
      They are very full range flat response frequency wise with much more extended bass and treble compared with more normal sounding pups and very hot output without being overhyped. Takes drop tunings very well with very focused bottomed end.
      The jazz pup is humbucking so the set are extremely low/no noise.
      A bit of cosmetic wear to the p-pup cover with the logo slightly rubbed off but other good. Good length on the wire and comes with springs and screws.
      Price includes UK postage.

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