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Trace Elliott 15w combo.

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A nostalgic ornament with green carpet for the over 50s I recon. This one looks good on a shelf next to the table top trace combo to put my beer on I recon. Only second hand ones available now but for someone who likes Trace one of these might be good for home use.The controls have a quality feel to them and a shape button adds some depth of sound as there is no gain available. It maye be ok for practice with a quite drummer but is a bedroom amp really. Taking the speaker out finds a skinny Celestion more suited to guitar probably but it does ok until just after half volume. The construction is nasty chipboard. I suppose it' better than most modern equivalents I have heard but not as good the Custom 16 kba. 


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Great review - you managed to get through without using "loud" or "heavy"...:D

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