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SOLD: DR Hi-Beam 45-105

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I have some brand new and unopened DR Hi-Beam 45-105 (I think 3 sets, will confirm). Lovely stainless steel strings on a round core so flexible, with a tight but not too bright tone. £24 including mainland U.K. postage. 

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    • By lcu1988
      All used 5 string sets cut for a 4 + 1 style headstock.
      Fodera Nickels (45-130 Tapered B)  - Used for less than an hour, did not suit my bass - £25
      Elixir Nickel (45-130) - Used for a couple of months, still life in them! - £15
      D'addario XL Nickels - Light use for month or so, not sure on gauge but think its 45-125 - £10
      Dunlop Super Bright Nickels - 45-125 BRAND NEW - £20
      Dunlop Super Bright Steel -45-125 used for 2 months - £10
      SOLD - DR Fat Beams - 45 - 105 (cut for Fender headstock) - Light use for a couple of weeks - £15
      SOLD - Thomastik Jazz Flats - cut for 4 string p bass, 6 months use,  silks slightly frayed but great condition £25
      SOLD  - Dunlop Super Bright Nickels 30-125 BRAND NEW (I swapped out the 130 B for a 125) - £20
      SOLD - labella 760fl - cut for  4 string p bass, 6 months use, warming up nicely! £20
      all prices include postage 
    • By Hellzero
      Thinning down the herd, so selling what I don't use.
      DR Red Devils RDB-45 set K3 red coating nickel plated steel round core strings.
      Never used.
      See pictures for the gauge.
      Official price is £28 GBP.
      Asking price is £18 GBP or €20 Euros, shipped to your place in continental Europe : and yes UK is in continental Europe !. 
      Link : https://www.drstrings.com/coated-bass-red-devils

    • By countjodius
      Hey all,
      I've switched to standard gauge Sunbeams on my 35" scale 5 string, so have 3 unopened sets in 40-120 up for grabs (I found another after the photo was taken!).  Now £25 plus £1.67 postage a set.  They look to retail for £50+, so grab yourself a bargain!
      Also happy to trade for unopened standard gauge Sunbeams (45-125).

    • By foxyFuze
      As per the title; I've used them for about 30 mins playing but I prefer my existing worn strings. No zinginess for me!
      Price includes postage and I'll get a photo up a bit later.
    • By FDC484950
      Now £20 posted.
      I have one set of new, unopened DR DDT drop down tuning strings - gauges 55-75-95-115, bought to down tune my Corvette $$ but I never bothered! £24 including postage to mainland UK
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