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The Dastardlys (Maude)

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Didn't know this sub group existed :)

This is the Mod/Northern Soul/Ska band that I'm in. Mainly covers but throw in a handful of originals as well. 

This photo is from our last gig, a private event at HMS Drake in Plymouth two weeks ago. _20180319_013046.JPG.648bd1bd103da42dd34945916b855600.JPG

As it's my first post here I'll indulge myself and post a couple of older piccies as well. 

A superb charity weekend (Rockfest) with around 50 bands over two days. FB_IMG_1498225437576.jpg.8886d9252c9348eacdbc312ab603e96a.jpg

March Of The Mods in Torquay. FB_IMG_1496349303360.jpg.a53410364ae0bc86c8990609c4fb64ed.jpg

Wheelers nightclub, Torpoint. FB_IMG_1493648933839.jpg.c6dbbd03d429a557ccd054006aa1ec30.jpg

And an arty fatty cartooney one :)_20170226_183711.thumb.JPG.eefa8d2a3234d8d4386be12663fbc7be.JPG

Sadly tonight's gig in Exmouth went down the pan as we rang to see if they were OK with the use of a hazer, and after not being able to contact them, did a little digging and found out the venue has shut down. Thanks for letting us know! It would have been a 150 mile round trip to discover they were closed. Nevermind, onwards and and upwards :)



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Bizarrely managed to upload the entire picture content of my phone.

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We played Teignmouth Scooter Rally last Friday. Great night with a good sized stage. I'm hoping for some video footage or pictures from later in set when the dance floor was packed to surface. 




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I haven't updated this for a while but some nice photos of last weekend have just surfaced so here we go :)

Last weekend was supposed to be Looe Music Festival in Cornwall, probably grown to a large enough event over the years that most of you will have heard of it. Three weeks ago the management company declared themselves bankrupt leaving the small seaside town reeling as the festival is/was a massive, end of season cash injection to the local community, with a main stage on the beach and numerous other stages around the town. 

The Looe Saves The Day festival was organised from scratch by volunteers in three weeks. As far as I'm aware everybody involved gave their time for free to try and keep the towns event going. 

Here's some pics from our set on the second stage on the Friday. Great set up for such short notice, amazing sound, fantastic crew and an up for it, receptive crowd. Result! FB_IMG_1538001516713.jpg.d867aab9320692f1f47f3a358c579559.jpgFB_IMG_1538001686840.thumb.jpg.a876e760422e3aa9d7b264113111afed.jpgFB_IMG_1538001707476.jpg.489778357453e1a3d69e8851383fb944.jpgFB_IMG_1538001657016.thumb.jpg.c5430fc3bb146eeece8ed283fe6ec264.jpgFB_IMG_1538001775243.jpg.ebc2f1fe57341c14b340755d078cd43a.jpgFB_IMG_1538001721750.jpg.1904ed99cc52edac454622b8fbdc5f81.jpgFB_IMG_1538001612029.thumb.jpg.8327ac9e5e613507c989b8f53cbabea8.jpgFB_IMG_1538001617396.thumb.jpg.02dda01df6487d3a25ef97f9b042cb2d.jpgFB_IMG_1538001742334.thumb.jpg.c98fde6dfcc0b2b8afc15eb0ee430bc6.jpgFB_IMG_1538001561748.thumb.jpg.bb6c8f2d24ce6a1d540b8651029bafb1.jpgFB_IMG_1538003138829.thumb.jpg.41125af6d6182eb35cd2bd3402fef9ab.jpg


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Posted (edited)

We supported The Chords UK last night at The Cavern in Exeter, a great underground venue. This video was posted on fb. You'll have to excuse the rather lifeless movement, it was only soundcheck 🙂


Oh yeah, the usual 'best with headphones' disclaimer applies. 

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