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TJ Spicer

Darkglass B7K (USA) Price Dropped! £185

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Darkglass B7K (USA) Preamp DI £185

One of the USA made models when they were being built in conjunction with 3 Leaf. I was bought this on my 18th Birthday, which makes this 4 1/2 years old. Killer distortion, I just need the cash and I'm running the model on the Helix, which gets me most of the way there (though definitely not fully of course...)! 

It will come in its original box, it has a couple of tiny dings on it, but it was gigged fairly frequently in its first couple of years of ownership and the dings definitely do not reflect accurately the number of shows it saw.

Collection preferred as always, from either Bath or Maidenhead, but shipping can be arranged too of course.

Thanks for looking! T








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    • By HarryWS
      Regrettably selling my Darkglass bass stack.
      The head is the gen 1 Microtubes 900 - in overall good condition with the intelligent footswitch and in its original box. 900w RMS means headroom and volume for days, the tones you get out of it truly are beautiful. The microtubes engine too is the best bass overdrive I’ve ever heard.
      The cab is the DG410C, there are some nicks in the tolex but it’s in otherwise perfect condition. 1000w rated so it can go up to 11 but she’s got some gravity to her. Still, you can lift it on your own - you just wouldn’t want to for very long! Again, it sounds really nice.
      I paid £2,250 for this amp new you could save £1k and pick this one up! 

      14.11.19 update - my car is buggered and I need the cash so no trades. It also means I can’t deliver any more unfortunately.
      Any questions, fire away!

    • By Marky Screen
      VT bass deluxe in excellent condition.
      Inputs for 2 basses. You can save 6presets on it. Built in foot switchable FX loop. DI out and parallel out. V2 with Defeatable speaker sim switch.
      With box and original sticker and paperwork.
      Includes UK postage.

    • By Marky Screen
      Radial Tonebone Classic distortion. Took this in a trade recently but realistically I'm not going to use it enough to justify keeping it.
      Good condition, velcro on the bottom.

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