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Eventide H9 Core **SOLD**

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Eventide H9 Core (check the Eventide site for the list of presets onboard). Bought new from Guitar guitar for a project last year, used briefly a couple of times, then has been sitting in its box unused ever since (I owned another previously so didn't need to spend much time with this one).


In perfect working order, boxed with all original paperwork etc. and immaculate with screen protector still on and no velcro underneath.


Selling for:

£295 ***NOW SOLD***

Not interested in any other trades right now. Thank you.





Feel free to search my Feedback page on here for buyer confidence 👍🏼😊

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Now sold

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Sorry for the slow reply, didn’t get a notification O.o

Is just one algorithm that comes with the Core. Others need to be purchased once you create an Eventide account.

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