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Ear Training and Intervals

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I have to do the inevitable and learn ear training. The examples are so boring, like Star Spangled Banner and Ode To Joy etc. Has anyone got any better, enjoyable examples please.

 I so far have

Maj 2nd That`s The Way I Like It... KC and the Sunshine Band

Min 3rd Smoke on the Water...Deep Purple

Maj 3rd Lady Madonna.... Beatles

Perfect 5th I Wanna Be Adored.... Stone Roses

Octave Pusherman .... Curtis Mayfield

 Anyone able to fill the gaps of proper songs? Everytime I try to think of something, they all seem to be 5ths and octaves. Preferably descending at the momnent

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Maj 6th: The days of wine and roses melody:

Min 9th: bass beginning

Minor 2nd: strings in intro

Flat 5: when the lead sings Maria (40sec into the song)


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Learning ear training in this way will only enable you to recognise the sound of an interval, to get the complete picture you really need to internalise what the notes sound like in relation to a key centre. Download the Functional Ear Trainer app from http://www.miles.be/, it was recommended to me by my old teacher Joe Hubbard and I recommend it to all my students; I also like Bruce Arnold's books which Trey Gunn recommended. Both methods are based on a Charlie Banacos exercise I believe.



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Thanks. I am doing ear training, but trying to familiarise myself to sounds of the interval. 

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