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Markbass Little Mark Tube 800

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Hi all!

I haven't got pictures of this just yet, but I'll take some and upload by the end of the week.
Apart from a few slight marks in the chassis (ironically from the zip catching on the case I was carrying it in!), it's in very good condition. I look after my gear. :)

I've had this amp for about five years and I've loved it. Very light, very loud, and sounds great! A simple but dependable formula. It's never let me down.

Happy for you to either pick up it up from mine (Brighton and Hove), or if you're local I can drive it to your place.
Otherwise, I can courier fully insured for £15 (I pack my items very carefully).


Any questions - just let me know.


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Hi David,

Sorry, was a bit slow off the mark with the photos (pun unintended).
It's an Indonesian model - must be quite an early one? 

I did buy a Markbass bag for it (as per the included photos), but I might hang onto it for my partner's Markbass. Let me know if you'd like to work out something, with it included :).

Any further questions - just let me know!





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Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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