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  1. davideuck

    Feedback for TheBass

    I sold a Glockenklang head to him, all went smooth with good communication, I can only recommend!
  2. Head sold and just delivered to the new owner!
  3. As I wrote in first post, I need the cash but you can always try to offer something with a private message...
  4. All the items are sold now.
  5. Bump for the last price drop, £720 for the head (820 €), plus shipping, usually around £20 (20/25 €).
  6. davideuck

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    In fact I'll never buy a 500 watt head again, I had good result with the Tube 800, SD1200, TTE800 and the Glockenklang Blue Rock.
  7. davideuck

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    At some point the head you are using wil affect the result. I have two Markbass 804, 4x8" for 800 watts 8 ohm, I was on the limit side when powering one cab only with an F500, pub gig with a rock band. Then I switched to the SD1200 and that cab turned out to be a little beast, now I do rock gigs with master at 9 o'clock with a single cab. So, the 4x8" is obviously less efficient than a 4x10" but with 800 watt power handling at 8 ohm, if you give it the right amount of power it'll compete with larger cabs easily. I think it's the same with single "super" 12 cabs, give them the right power and you can compete. If you are comparing a 4 ohm 4x10" powered with a 500 watt head you'll never reach same results with the same head and a single 8 ohm 12" cab, even the best 12" cab on the planet. All IMO obviously.
  8. Ok, price drop to £765 shipped in UK-EU, I think I will not go lower than this, so, grab it before I decide to keep it.
  9. Hi all, I'm selling a Glockenklang Blue Rock bass head, 1000 watt 4 ohm or 900 watt 2,7 ohm. Head, rack-ears (I've no screws), mains cable. As you can see there are two light scratches on the top panel (much less evident in real life, lights on the pic emphasize those… and in fact in the other pics they are almost invisible ), that apart the head is in perfect conditions and perfect working order. I bought it used a month ago from a shop here in Italy that gives you 1 year warranty on used items. I don't think I've to describe how it sounds or performs… it's a superb high end piece of gear in every aspect but I've to let it go. I'll ship in UK-EU with UPS. I'm not really on trades but you can always try me.
  10. If you put them in contact each other you can do 16 mm.
  11. davideuck

    Feedback for big rob

    Just done a trade with Rob, it was a pleasure to deal with him, always present, superb communication, highly recommended!
  12. Hi, for sale my Markbass TTE 800, perfect working order and like new, made in Italy obviously. I'm selling only becouse I've an SD1200 and that works a little better with the actual projects where I'm in and I need another bass. I find the TTE a smooth sounding head with its character, it has that little compressed tube sound with a simple EQ, an incredibly good comp and a musical VLE. Power for days, you'll never need more than that! I'm based in Italy but can ship in UK/EU with UPS, no problems. Trade wise, I need a new bass, priority to 6 string, 24 frets, 16/17 mm bridge spacing, light and good sounding. You can try me anyway with 5 string or Jazz type fretted or fretless becouse I never had one in more than 20 years!
  13. Price drop for the goldo saddles, 40£ for the 8 lot.