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  1. Markbass Little Mark Tube 800

    Hi, so, do you have pictures? Italian made? Do you have the original bag for it?
  2. Feedback for Hellzero

    I sold my Gotoh tuners to Tony, was a fast and great transaction with good communication! I can only recommend doing affairs with him.
  3. The Gotoh are SOLD! Goldo saddles still waiting for a new home/bass.
  4. Hi all, for sale 4+4 Gotoh GB 707 machine heads in black, these were on my 8 string bass for around 1 year and half, upgraded yesterday with new hipshot... perfect conditions. SOLD. For sale are Goldo 8 single bass bridge saddles in chrome, these were purchased for another 8 string under construction but at the end I bought new black hardware for this bass too, so, these are new, never mounted. They seem of good quality, have a good mass to them, 34 gr for one. At the moment I don't have the screws to attach them to the body but despite these are good quality, the screws were'nt, so in my opinion it'll be better to fit new ones anyway... 45 £ for all the 8 saddles. I'm in Italy, obviously I can ship without problems.
  5. Thanks for all the trade offers guys. The head is now sold!
  6. Pending payment for the RMI Dual Band Comp... I accept offers for the Soundblox!
  7. Hi, I'm selling two good bass pedals! - Source Audio Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion, superb distortion sounds without loosing bottom end, from mild to extreme sounds. With the graphic EQ you can use it like a preamp to match different basses output and sounds without changes on your amp gain, super versatile. The pedal is in like new conditions with plastics still on it, original box, manual and original UK power supply. 120 £ for this.-->Price drop-->90 £! - Lehle RMI Basswitch Dual Band Compressor, this is one of the better comp you can buy, I had a FEA Dual Band Comp Limiter before this one and I prefer this one, similar action and results with much more simple controls and in a much smaller package. I describe it as "invisible" compression, you can set it at extreme levels of compression, it compress but the envelope of the note remain absolutely natural! Impressive unit. As new, with it's original box and manual. Sold! Both are pristine and clear on the bottom side too, I don't use velcro, so, really perfect...
  8. Hi, I'm selling this incredible little head, Quilter Bass Block 800, in NEW conditions. I bought it and it had the known white noise problem some users reported on talkbass forum... sent it directly to Quilter Labs in the USA and it's fixed now. Selling only becouse it sounds too similar to my Markbass SD1200, virtually identical tone when set flat... so, I prefer to keep the Markbass to preserve the aesthetics of my rig (Markbass cabs). I can say it's totally impressive, if you have played some of the ICE power 700 heads... this is on a new level of power, headroom and heft. It's super fast in its response to the touch, like the SD1200 and stays focused at high volumes. No problems finding good EQ settings with the Depth and Contour controls, simple and fast! The head is in new conditions with its original box, EU power cable, owner's manual and original bag. I'm based in Italy, can ship it with courier, bank transfer payment. I would say no trades but, while I prefer cash, I know I could be interested on something different... you never know, PM me if you have something to offer.