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Using 'Tags' on Basschat

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Hi Basschatters

This is the first in a series of posts showing the new site features and walking you through how best to use them. 

Today we'll look at 'tagging'

Tags can be added to any post and they are useful for lots of reasons. So let's go ahead and post something with tags.



Here I'm selling a 1960 jazz bass (yeah right). I've added some tags in the box below my title. Tip: use single words, that are likely to appear in similar posts. Do not use two word tags as they are less likely to match tags elsewhere on the site, for example 'Fender' will come up a lot more than if I tagged 'Fender 1960'. Simply write the word and separate with a comma (above, I typed Fender, jazz, 1960,)

So now when I submit my post, if other posts on the site have tags that match mine, they'll appear on the right as 'similar content'. Here's an example of someone using the tagging system:




You can see any other posts using the tags appear on the right. This can be really helpful in directing people to similar content for threads about a certain brand, an issue or a topic.

You might think 'but why would I want other listings to appear if i'm listing something for sale' - well, by adding tags to your post, you're advert will feature in any ads using the same tags as yous. In general, it'll help buyers find your item.

If you click a tag, it'll automatically open the search index and find any posts with that tag.


So - try tagging your posts. Remember, stick to brand names, numbers of strings, terms you may find link elsewhere. Examples of tags not to use are things like:

'New bass today' - try 'NBD'. 

'Got cancelled' - try 'cancelled'

'Acoustic amplifier - try 'Acoustic' and 'combo'


Have fun and ask if you have any questions!



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      thanks in advance for the support as I know nothing about electrical stuff. Long story short: my amp's power cable has gone missing after a show with my band and I need a replacement. I'm guessing not all cables are interchangeable and I probably need a specific one, but I have no idea where to start! I own a Tc Electronix BG250-208, on the amp's socket i can see "100-240VAC 50-60 Hz, 70W @ 1/8 Max Power".

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      However, I'm a little confused this time round as when I've looked there seems to be multiple diagrams for all different EQ's and preamps, but not for the one i'm looking for. This may be because I am a novice and just missing something obvious but any advice or direction to the correct diagram/wiring would be greatly appreciated. 

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      But now I'm beginning to have my own gigs with band with nobody to borrow the amp from, so I made a decision to buy myself my own amp.
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      To sum up: Which one is louder? Which one has better quality sound? Which one is more versatile? Please also think about the price difference.
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