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SOLD - Barefaced Gen 2 Compact - Silver Cloth - Now £350

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For sale (no trades thanks unless it's an oly white 5 string P bass type) my G2 Barefaced Compact. A brilliant cab, you get out what you put in, it's stupidly light and ridiculously loud. 

This is the gen 2 15" speaker version. I've owned it from new and it's in excellent condition. I've given it the once over and can only find one tiny chip which I've tried to show in the pics. It comes with a roqsolid cover which is in good condition and has been used to keep the cab in whenever it's not in use. The handle is in good condition and I've also got a few spare feet that I'll throw in. I'm only selling because the retro Two 10 tone suits my band better.
You can hear some sound clips of the cab as part of my gig rig at my band FB page facebook.com/jumpthesharkband.

I'd much rather sell via collection or meet up as I don't have suitable packaging to ship. Based in Sale, South Manchester.
Thanks for looking.





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Glad the Retro two10 is working well for you mate, your old Super Compact is spot on for me too! Would have considered this one too but unfortunately no cash and no space at the moment!

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Cheers Adam. Gigged with it last weekend, whilst it's not as loud it rounds off the tone and suits the band much better. Probably only me who notices though! Glad you're enjoying the SC, it's a great cab.

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    • By Sapatown
      I am wondering if the Matamp GT2 MKII works for bass aswell? I know its a 100w tube amp, and I will pair it with an Ampeg 810 or a Barefaced SIX10 (610)
      One channel is based on the GT1, and the other channel is a bit more high gain, I assume its a guitar amp, but I have heard the brand makes amps that works for more than guitar.
      The Barefaced 610 do have 1500 watt RMS. Do you think that would be a cool amp and cab pair? Any experiences?
      And will it be loud?
      I really don't know if the Matamp GT2 works good for bass, but I have the chance to go try it aswell. Just wonder if any of you know this.
      I know bassists that use their G120 with their cabs and love it. I also know bassists that use the Matamp 1224. But I have way to little experience with this brand myself,
      but love their style and sound.
    • By MaSh78
      2018 Barefaced SuperCompact 1x12 bass cab.
      600w 8ohms
      Has done 11 sensible soul gigs using a Mesa d800, nice combination.
      In good condition throughout with no tears, there isn't any paint peeling and the feet are in good condition. There are a few tiny scuffs on some of the edges but nothing serious.
      This is a fantastic lightweight cab, I'm only selling as I've bought an EBS classic 500 and want a modular 4x10 to pair it with.
      Complete with original Barefaced cover.
      Collection from Stafford although I'll be happy to meet you halfway if not too far.
      Cheers, Matt

    • By countjodius
      The original lightweight game-changer Barefaced up for grabs which I have owned from new.  Comes with a freshly upgraded handle and some replacement feet direct from Barefaced HQ.  PVC Hot Covers, er, cover included also!
      16 kg
      8 ohms
      3 driver design with 12" woofer, 6.5" mid driver and tweeter
      Mid driver attenuator bypass switch accessed via front right port
      Tweeter volume knob accessed via front left port.
      Silver cloth grille (cellophane still on the logo badge!)
      Full specs and info here:

      Collection from Glasgow preferred, but shipping may be possible via Interparcel if there is interest further afield.  Drop me a PM

    • By BruceMoney
      Hi everyone.
      A bit late in the day for this, I know, but I think it's about time to retire.  9 months ago I suffered a head injury which has left me deaf in my right ear with tinnitus, then soon after I acquired Labyrinthitis in my left ear which has left me with a hearing aid and impaired balance.  Add the Corona virus gig situation and I think it may be time to take up gardening.  I bought new gear a year ago and I've hardly used it, which is a great shame but I might sell it soon if I can't use it.  Demeter Bass800D, Barefaced Big Baby 2, and Harke 4x10 Neo for the louder gigs.  I use a Lakland 55-94 I've had for 20 years, a Wal 4 string fretless I've had for 37 years, and a '64 Precision I've had for 49 years, and you can imagine how good all that sounds, but what else can I do? 
    • By alexa3020
      I bought this cabinet direct from Barefaced in December 2020 for £630, to pair up with my other barefaced 210s.
      To be fair I got a bit carried away buying bass stuff during lockdown and the reality is, I will never need to use 2 cabinets. One of these cabs on their own is all I’ll ever need.
      I played through this cab for the first time in April, so this cabinet has had max 2 hours of use - I’ve not used it at home at all. So it is basically brand new and still needs breaking in. No marks or imperfections - it looks exactly the same as when I bought it.
      Close up photos of the cab to follow.

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