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Individual strings from £10 each

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[font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I'm selling these individual strings. They have had very light use, some for a few weeks and others for a couple of days. I keep going back to Evah regulars. The strings are in their original packaging and have been wiped with a cloth after playing so they are in great condition. Prices include UK postage. Sorry no trades.

[s]Eudoxa gut core G £40
Velvet Anima D £30[/s]
Innovation 9014DB braided orchestral D £10
[s]Spirocore medium A 3/4 (3885,4) £15[/s]
[s]Spirocore medium S37 D £15
Spirocore weich E 3/4 no packet £10[/s]
Evah bottom E/F# solo £20
Evah bottom A/B solo £20
[s]Evah G weich £20[/s]
Evah orchestra regular A £20
Evah orchestra regular E £20
[s]Obligato G no packet £10[/s][/font]

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