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Knobs! Gold, Knurled, 6mm (X4) *£9 Posted*

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Knobs! Gold, Knurled, Dot, Screw, 6mm (X4) *£9 Posted*

These were on a Spector Euro4 I bought a while back, I replaced them with the proper Spector black knobs, so here they are. As far as I can tell they fit a 6mm shaft, have a location screw, a position dot on the top and are domed. (see pic).

£9 posted. Bank transfer by preference. Feedback in my sig.


I thank you! :)

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    • By Marc S
      Anyone got a vintage-style Fender type BBOT bridge? - the type with the threaded (knurled?) saddles....
      I could do with just the saddles, if you only have those - or the whole bridge
      Actually, I could do with 2x such bridges. Cheers
    • By samuelcroberts
      LaBella gold flats 6-string set for sale. I bought these to try them out and, although I quite like them, they just don't suit my basses so I thought I'd see if anyone else wants to give them a blast.
      These were fitted to a fretless, 34" scale bass for about 24 hours and have obviously been clipped when stringing up etc.. I was fairly conservative on the clipping, so they should still fit a 35" scale instrument with no problems. Fretless instrument, so no pitting or fret marks.
      £60-65ish brand new, but £35 ono and they're yours. Happy to post in the UK for £3.50.
      Thanks for looking!

    • By SlapbassSteve
      Hi all, I know it's an extremely long shot, but 'if you don't ask you don't get' and all that!
      I recently bought a Westone Spectrum DX bass and I love it to bits, however the knobs aren't original and as it's in such lovely nick I'm looking for a pair of the original black plastic, fluted, angled sides, white dot on top ones to make it as original as possible and satisfy my OCD.
      I've seen a couple on eBay lately bundled in with other Westone hardware but don't really fancy buying a set of hardware and then having to sell most of it on straight away...
      Drop me a message if you can help me out, would be massively appreciated!
    • By bassmonk
      Used Hipshot bass xtender type GB7 (sealed Gotoh) in gold. Retrofits existing tuner of this type without any new holes. Full working order. Light use only and in good condition except for some scratching to the retaining nut which you can hopefully see in the photos. Only noticeable if you look closely. Also the little adjustment screw has lost its shine but the gold finish over the rest of the tuner is perfect. Used to have this on a Yamaha bass that I eventually sold, so it's sitting unused. These are worth over 100 quid new - for 45 I'll include UK postage.