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SOLD: Mayones Jabba 4 classic - Fiesta red / Aguilar pups


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[font=Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][color=#333333][size=4]For sale:[/size][/color][/font]

[color=#333333]Very pretty Mayones Jabba 4 classic, build in 2014, almost new condition,[/color]
[color=#333333]Alder body in Fiesta red with a tortoise pickguard, [/color]
[color=#333333]24 frets maple neck with rosewood fretboard & block inlays, matching headstock,[/color]
[color=#333333]Gregory preamp (2x volume, bass, treble & active.passive switch) with [/color]
[color=#333333]Aguilar AG 4J-70 Alnico V pickups, High mass bridge [/color][color=#333333]and Schaller tuners.[/color]
[color=#333333]Weight is 4.5 kg.[/color]

[color=#333333]Sounds amazing and plays smooth with low action.[/color]
[color=#333333]Fast neck with 38,5 mm width at the nut.[/color]

[color=#333333]Madarozzo soft case included.[/color]

[color=#333333][s]£1090[/s] [b]SOLD[/b][/color]

[color=#333333]Shipping within the UK/EU is £35[/color]

Pictures: [url="https://goo.gl/photos/SDt5SwtYaameDL3UA"]https://goo.gl/photo...t5SwtYaameDL3UA[/url]

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[quote name='TJ Spicer' timestamp='1503568281' post='3359194']
This is an absolutely stunning bass! I've not been anywhere near wanting anything new for a while, but have a bump as this deserves to be sold, beautiful!

Cheers, mate

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