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David Eden 410T cab - SOLD

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As God once walked in harmony with Adam and Eve in Eden, lost in the songs of creation, so too shall you.

As He led His people in tones of warmth and clarity, so shall you lead your lost brothers of drum and guitar along the straight and narrow path. Even the keys to the kingdom shall follow you.

As His thunderous call commanded the stars into being, so too shall the power of your call (540W RMS @ 4 ohm) bring forth stars in your midst.

The hardest rock and metal of the land and the deepest blues of the sea shall bow and lift their songs of thanks. Every soul, every country, shall stand in awe of your gospel.


Downsizing to something more portable. Working perfectly; decent condition apart from peely metal logo (pictured). Collection from SW London.

More info and reviews:

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[quote name='BassVentura-FretDetective' timestamp='1501321461' post='3343985']
Available again - a lot of cab for £180.

That truly is. I used to have a pair of 210 XLTs and they were simply majestic.

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